The Family of
William G. Ray, Sr.
& wife Elizabeth "Betsy" Langston

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William G. Ray, Sr, was born CA 1774 in South Carolina .& died in 1836 Butts Co, Ga. 
He was the son of George Ray whose will was proved in 1804 in Columbia Co, Ga.
(Wife UNK)

William Ray (M) in Columbia Co, Georgia Nov 24, 1793 to Elizabeth "Betsy" Langston, Dtr of Samuel Langston &  wife Sarah Young

He lived on Kiokee Creek, in Columbia County, 1802. 
1805 Land Lottery, Columbia County-William Ray BB 169
BB= 2 draws, Married w/family, drew 2 blanks.

William Ray served in the War of 1812, from Georgia:
RAY, William 4 Regt., (Booth's) Georgia Militia, Private, Roll Box 171, Extraction No 602

William Ray resided in Henry Co Ga. in 1820's, then removed to Butts Co, where he died in 1836.. His estate was Administered by his sons Wade H. Ray & Coleman L. Ray

Elizabeth "Betsy" Langston was born in SC in 1776 and was still living in 1860 in Heard Co, Georgia, age 84 yrs., in HH of son Wade H. Ray.

Children: RAY ( Heard Co, Ga. Courthouse burned 1894)

(1) Reuben Young   Born CA 1794 Ga.  Died: 1840's Heard Co, Ga. (M) May 5, 1822, Jasper Co, Ga. Keziah Sharp, born 1795 GA  (living 1870 Heard Co, Ga.)

(2) Alice (Ailsey) Born CA 1795 Ga.  Died Living 1860 Sabine Par, La.
(M) Nov. 18, 1812 Columbia Co, Ga   Henry Youngblood

(3) Mary "Polly"  Born CA 1798 Ga. Died Feb. 08, 1873 Clay Co, Ala
(M) Samuel S. Scott  Dec 16, 1817 (See 1850 Randolph Co, Ala Census below)
Samuel Sharp Scott, Born 1786 Ga. Died April 30, 1878 Clay Co, Ala.
Birth/Death dates from:  Tommie Reeves Smith, Patricia A. Hill, Ann Hill-Had 7 children)

(4)  William G.  Born CA 1801 Ga Died: 1886 Cass Co, Texas (Corinth Cem)
(M) Nancy Young Feb. 25, 1824 Henry Co, Ga.

(5)  Coleman L. Born CA 1805 GA Died: pr to 1870 Heard Co, Ga
(M) Rachael ______

(6)  Wade H. Born Born CA 1807 GA Died 1888 Bell Co, Tex   
Buried: Greathouse Cem., Bell Co, Texas (other family members here also)
(M) #1 Margaret Parker  Feb 8, 1827 Henry Co, Ga
(M) #2 Samantha A.______

(7)  Frances Born CA 1809 Ga. Died: (Living 1870 Heard Co, Ga)
(M) Aaron O'Neal (O'Nail) July 20, 1826 Butts Co, Ga
He was born Ca 1805 & died 1841 Butts Co, Ga 
(Aaron O'Neal, dec'd- Adm Bond: Edward W. O'Neal, Sec; Josiah Craine).
Estate return, of Aaron O'Nail, dec'd, by Edward W O'Nail, Admr, 1842
Pd: B F Hull, J A McCune, T G Bledsoe, D H Ellis, W G Ray, S W Langston, J R & J W McCord, Lofton & Strodghill, J P Williams, R J Harper, Josiah Crane, Jas. J Summerlin, J Goddard, J Betterton, J. B. Orr, Francis Miller,. Credit: Sale of cotton. Rec: Mar 6 1844
Index to Civil War Service Records:
Oneal, Edward A. Co I, 9 Alabama Infantry. Captain /Captain Allegiance: Confederate
O'Neal, Edward A. 26 (O'Neal's) Alabama Infantry. Colonel /Colonel Allegiance: Confederate

(8) John Langston Born CA 1814 Ga Died: 1860's Ark.(disappeared while on trip to Ga, during Civil War, and his family never heard from him again; assumed to have been killed)
(M)  May 14 1832 Henry Co, Ga.- Sarah Ann Orr (Dtr of Jesse Orr & Betsy Ragan)
She and most of her ch moved to Nacogdoches, Texas 1868

(9) Eliza Born CA 1817 Ga  ( living  in 1850 Randolph Co, Ala)
(M) William H. Miller Feb. 27, 1834 Butts Co, Ga.

(10) Adline Born CA 1822 Ga Died Jan 14, 1897 Morris Co, Tx
Buried in Omaha Cem., just outside Mt. Pleasant, Texas
(M) #1, Daniel H. Ellis Dec 12, 1837 Butts Co, Ga. (Dec. 21, 1837 Henry Co) 
Had 1 son William N. Ellis 
(M) #2 Wright F. Causey, Prob. Heard Co  He was born 1825 Jones Co, Ga.
Had 1 Son Aaron Reuben Christopher Causey, & 2 Dtrs Mary Sophronia Causey & Nancy Judson Causey (Ref: James Causey)


Intestate Bonds from the Courthouse, Appling, Columbia Co., GA

Abram Youngblood, Dec'd, George Youngblood, Admr. Sec: Wm. Ray, Jas. Harris Date:8 March 1799

Joseph Jones David Langston Thomas Napier? 17 Aug 1798

Martha Carter Robert Rozier Saml Langston, S. Barbary 18 Jan 1803

Columbia Co, Ga Deeds:- July 8, 1802
George Ray, to son William Ray, for "love and affection"  100 acres on Kiokee Creek, where said William Ray now lives.

May 2, 1803-Deed of John Flourance Admr. & Elizabeth Flourance Admx. of Est of William Flourance, Dec'd. to Richard G. Bowdrie & Edmond Bowdre of the Co. of Columbia, by order of the Hon. Superior Court of Columbia, grtd first day of June, Eighteen hundred & Two,( by order for sale of tract of land in Columbia Co )Adj James Martin cont. 200 Ac.on the waters of Kioka Cr. Columbia Co., b/b James Martin & John Dorset, on the W., by Lazenby & Gibson on NE; by John Briscoe & Graves on the SE; with all rights, etc.
Elizabeth (her x mark) Flourance
John (his x mark) Flourance
Wts: I Benning, Jesse Offitt, William Ray
Prov in Court by Oath of Jesse Offitt, Sept 1, 1803

Butts Co, Georgia Estates- from Archives in Atlanta, Ga.
December 1, 1836 Coleman L. Ray, Adm. bond Sec: Elsy B. Thornton, Dory Taylor

Nov. 17, 1836 Adm. Bond, William G. Ray & Coleman L. Ray, Admrs.
Sec: Dory Taylor, George L. Thompson

Inventory & Appraisement Nov 19, 1836 by Dory Taylor, S. P. Burford, Zachariah O'Neil, Elsy B. Thornton

Dec. 29, 1836-Appraisement-land
Lot #246, 1st Dist. Orig. Henry Co, Now Butts Co and 2- 40 Ac lots Cherokee Co, Ga.
Sold Dec 5, 1837
lot of land #145, 1st Dist,  at Jackson, Butts, Co, sold to S. W. Langston
Negroes sold to Daniel Nally, Elizabeth Ray, Henry Youngblood, Samuel S. Scott, James Childs
A list of perishable property sold by Admr. to Joseph Wilson, John T. Wooten, John L. Ray, Zachariah Thompson, Francis Miller, John Willard, A J Grimmer, D H Ellis, C L Ray, James Evans, Wm. Stdghill, S S Scott, Joseph Wilson, Wm. G. Ray,  Robt. Grimmet, Jas. S. McKibben, George Gunn, Aaron O'nail, Jesse H. Cawthorn, Royal Willard, Geo. Ramsey, Chas. Burford, John Betterson, Andrew Stuart, Jas. Childs, Wm. W Selman, Jas. Evans, Elizabeth Ray, Adaline Ray, D H Ellis, R B Tidwell, Robt. Crew,  Returned Dec 30, 1837 by Coleman L Ray, Admr.

Feb, 1837 returns, by Coleman L Ray
May 8, 1838 returns by Coleman L. Ray
Yearly Return on Estate of William Ray, dec'd by William G. Ray, Admr. (1838 & 1839)
Cash paid Thos. Valentine, Sr, D L McJunkins & Co, Hendrick & Goodman, Moil M Tedwell, John T Wooten, Henry Harris, John Hail, Francis Miller, Clerk of Sup. Crt. of Henry Co for costs, Tax Collector for 1838.  John McCord, J R & J W McCord for articles for the use of the family, by C L Ray & W G Ray,.  Pd to ea of the following legatees: $360.00 ea: H Youngblood, S S Scott, R Y Ray, Aaron O'nail, W H Ray, W H Miller, Elizabeth Ray, Daniel H Ellis, J L Ray, C L Ray, Sig: Wm G Ray, Admr

Sept. 1839 Civil Suit, Henry Co, Ga. Heirs of William Ray vs W. H. Miller
W. H. Miller claimed Negro girl, Ann; contested by Admrs. of  William Ray. Jury verdict: William H. Miller must pay $550.00 to Wm. Ray Est. to hold Negro girl
Miller appealed, Spring term, 1839-Jury ruled Miller must pay value set by Court.  Admrs. pay 1/2 cost of suit

Butts Co, Ga-Sept. 30, 1839 William Ray, Dec'd.- return by Wm. G. Ray, Admr
Receipts signed by Heirs:
Henry Youngblood
Reuben Y. Ray
Aaron O'Nail
Wade H. Ray
Wm. H. Miller
Elizabeth Ray (Widow)
Daniel H. Ellis
John L. Ray
Coleman L. Ray

Sale of Land, First Tuesday in Aug, 1840- William Ray, Dec'd.
1st lot #724, 14th dist. 1st Sect, formerly Cherokee, now Forsythe Co, to Wade H. Ray -$600.
2nd lot-#887, 18th Dist, 2nd Sect, formerly Cherokee, now Campbell Co, to Joseph Summerlin. for $7.37 1/2 

Estate returns, 1839-40,  (Sept, 1840) William Ray, dec'd., Wm. G. Ray, Adm.
Land in Cherokee Co, Ga. sold-Receipts signed by: Heirs
Elizabeth Ray,, widow
W. H. Miller
Aaron O'Neil
D. H. Ellis
W. H. Ray
R. Y. Ray
J. L. Ray
S. S. Scott
H. Youngblood
Coleman L. Ray

Returns for 1840-1841, William Ray, Dec'd. (Final settlement, May 20, 1841, by
Wm. G. Ray, Admr.   Receipts signed by Heirs:
H. Youngblood
R. Y. Ray
Aaron O'Neil
W. H. Ray
W. H. Miller
Elizabeth Ray, Widow
Daniel H. Ellis
J. L. Ray
C. L. Ray


1830  Butts Co, Ga P 159 Line 14
William Ray
1 M 6070 yrs, 1 M 15-20 Yrs
1 Fe 50-60 yrs, 1 F 5-10 yrs, 1 F 10-15 yrs

P 160- Coleman L Ray
P 160 Reuben Y Ray 
P 173-Aaron O'Neal
1 M 20-30 yrs, 2 Males under 5 yrs, 1 Fe20-30 yrs

P 159-Samuel S. Scott
1 male 40-50 yrs, 1 male, 10-15 yrs, 1 male 5-10 yrs, 2 males und. 5 yrs.
1 Fem 30-40 yrs. 1 Fe 15-20 yrs.

Henry Co, Ga Marriages: 1822-1829 Index
Ray William G. 25 Feb 1824 Young Nancy (s/o William G Ray Sr)
Ray Wade H. 08 Feb 1827 Parker Margaret (s/o William G Ray Sr.)

1840 Heard Co, Ga, P 303 Samuel S. Scott
1 Male 50-60 yrs, 2 Males 10-15 yrs, 1 male, 5-10 yrs, 1 male und. 5 yrs
1 Fe 40-50 yrs, 1 Fe 20-30 yrs, 1 Fe Und 5 yrs

1840 Heard Co., Ga-Wade H Ray, Reuben Ray

1840 Butts Co, Ga P 185 Aaron O'Neal
1 M 30-40 Yrs, 2 males 10-15 yrs, 1 male 5-10 yrs, 2 males under 5 yrs
2 FE 30-40 yrs, 1 Fe 5-10 yrs.

1840 Troup Co., Ga-William G. Ray

1850 Heard Co, Ga P 491 HH 508 (SEE 1880 Morris Co, Texas, Pct 4, below)
Corsey, Right F. 24 M Ga Farming (Wright F. Causey)
" Adline (Ray, Ellis) 27 F ga
Ellis, William N. 10 M Ga
RAY, Elizabeth (Langston) 73 F SC

1850 Randolph Co, Ala P 380 Beat 13 HH 96-96
William H. Miller 43 M SC Farmer
Eliza 33 F Ga (Elizabeth Ray)
William 14 m Ga.
Sarah 12 F Ga
John 10 M Ga
Obedience 08 F Ga
Adeline 06 f Ga
Amanda 04 f Ga
Thomas 04 f Ga
Nancy 01 F Ala

1850 Randolph Co, Ala Slave Schedule-Wm. H. Miller
1 F B 20 yrs
1 F B 02 Yrs
1 F B 8/12

1850 Randolph Co, Ala P 284Weedover P.O. HH 40-40
O'NEAL, William 22 M Ga Farmer
" Martha J. 17 FGa

(Did not locate Frances Ray O'Neal 1850 census)

1850 Randolph Co, Ala P 284, HH 46-46
Scott, Samuel S. 60 M Ga Farmer
" Mary 52 Fe Ga
" Seaborn 18 M Ga
" Mary C. 11 Fe Ga
" Daniel 07 M Ga

HH 36-36
Scott, William R. 29 M Ga Mechanic
" Martha 24 Fe Ga
" Joseph P. 05 M Ga
" Mary J. 02 Fe Ala
" Seaborn T. 6/12 M Ala

HH 41-41
Scott, Samuel T. 22 M Ga (Alone)

P 340- HH 864-864
Scott, Benjamin C. 24 M SC Farmer
" Jane 24 Fe SC
" Mary 03 F Ala
" J. Kindred 01 M Ala
Taylor, Thomas 48 M SC Farmer

1860 Heard Co, Ga. P 737- HH 521-503
Ray, Wade H. 53 M Ga
" Margaret 49 F Ga
10 children, 1 gr/dtr &
RAY, Elizabeth (Langston) 84 F Ga (Sh be SC) Wid of William Ray Sr.

1860 Sabine Par, La P 381 Many PO HH 645-645
Henry Youngblood 67 M Ga Farmer  $2,000/600
Alcy 65 F Ga (Ailsey Ray)

1860 Randolph Co. Ala Page 86  (314) P.O Roanoke 
Southern District HH 585/585  August 1st
Wright F. Causey 34 M Farmer 1000 1000 Ga
Adeline, 39 F Housewife Ga (Adline Ray, Ellis )
Aaron R.C. (Reuben Christopher) 10 M Ga
Nancy J. (Judson) 8 F Ala
Mary S. (Safronia) 6 F Ala
Ellis, Wm N.  20 M Farmhand, Ga
Wray, Elizabeth 75 F Housewife SC (Sh be 84-also enum. in HH of son Wade H Ray, 1860 Heard Co, Ga, above

1860 Heard Co, Ga. P 739-Stateline P. O HH 535-517
O'NEAL Nathan 22 M Ga Farmer (CSA Ala) (Died 1909)
" Matilda E. (Booth) 17 F Ga
" Mary A. 01 F Ga
Booth, Seaborn W. 19 M Ga Farmer
Civil War Service Records Index
Oneal, Nathan Co F 14 Alabama Infantry. Private /Private Allegiance: Confederate

HH 536-518
O'NEAL, Frances 52 F Ga (Frances Ray, Wid. of Aaron O'Neal))
" Francis M. 20 M Ga farming (CSA, Ala & Ga-Died in Civil War?)
" Reuben E. 27 M Ga Farming (CSA, Ala)
" Mary F. 27 F Ga ( Dtr-in-law-see 1880)
SMITH, Josephine 04 F Ga (Gr/Dtr?)
YATES, Eli M. 32 M Ga farming (Widowed son-in-law?)
" Elizabeth C. F Ga (gr/dtr?)
" William Z. 07 M Ga (gr/son?)
" Reuben E. 04 M Ga (gr/son?)

Civil War Service Records Index
Oneal, F. M. Co  F 14 Alabama Infantry. Private/ Private Allegiance: Confederate
O'Neal, Francis Co G 34 Alabama Infantry. Private/ Private Allegiance: Confederate
O'Neal F. M. Co E 45 Georgia Infantry. Private/ Private Allegiance: Confederate
Oneal R. E. Co  F 14 Alabama Infantry. Private/ Private Allegiance: Confederate

P. 699-HH 279-264 Stateline P.O.
PRITCHETT, James 52 M Va Bapt. Clergy
" Winifred 48 F ga
" Henry J. 19 M Ga
O'NEAL, Aaron J. 24 M Ga Farmer (CSA Ga & Ala)
" Mary J. (Pritchett?) 17 F Ga.

Civil War Service Records:
A J O'Neal Residence: Heard County, Georgia Occupation: not given
O'Neal A. J. Co W , 21 Georgia Infantry. Private Private Confederate
Service Record:-Enlisted as a Private on 10 May 1862
Enlisted in Company I, 41st Infantry Regiment Georgia on 10 May 1862.
Wounded on 28 May 1862 at Corinth, MS
Absent on 31 December 1863 (Wounded, no further record.)
69th Infantry Regiment IL Muster Date 06 October 1862 Infantry
Officers Killed or Mortally Wounded 0 Officers Died of Disease or Accident 0 Enlisted Killed or Mortally Wounded 0 Enlisted Died of Disease or Accident 1 

Oneal Aaron J. Co  I , 41 Georgia Infantry. Private /Private Confederate

1860 Randolph Co., Alabama (P 856 Almond PO HH 609-609
William R. O'Neal 33 M Ga farming 300/200 CSA Ala-Died in Civil War?
Martha J " 27 F Ga (Deceased as of 1870)
Frances M " 6 F Ga -missing 1870 census
Susan H " 5 F Ga (Lives w/Uncle Aaron J O'Neal, 1870 Heard C, Ga)
William R H " 4 M Ga (Lives w/gr'mother 1870 Heard Co, Ga)
Civil War Service Records Index
Oneal, William R. Co F 14 Alabama Infantry. Private/ Private Confederate (Died in Civil War?)

1860 Randolph Co, Ala Randolph PO P 413 HH 89-89
Zachariah O'Neal 30 M Ga Farming 500/400 CSA-Ala Died in Civil War?
Carolina C " 28 F Ga (Roberts-lives w/parents 1880 Heard Co)
Mary F " 6 F Ga (Lives w/gr'mother 1870 Heard Co)
Aaron A. " 4 M Ga (Lives w/gr'mother 1870 Heard Co, Ga)
Nancy " 1 F Ga (missing 1870 census)
Civil War Service Records Index
Oneal, Zachariah Co F 14 Alabama Infantry. Private/ Private Confederate 

1860 Ouachita Co, Ark  Caney T/S Mt. Moriah PO  HH 49-49
John L. Ray 46 M Ga farmer
Sarah " 50 F Ga (Sarah Ann Orr)
JAMES RAY 22 M Ga (This is NOT son of John L & wife/Sarah Ann Orr Ray-may be a nephew
Reuben Ray 20 M Ga (CSA Ga & Ark)
Jasper " 17 M Ga
SEE 1870 ,1880 Nacogdoches Co, Texas for the Wid & Children of John L. Ray (Reuben Young Ray page) & 1870, 1880 Ouachita Co, Arkansas for Dtr Elizabeth Ann Ray Honea Family (Dtr of John L. Ray & Sarah Ann Orr)

1864 Military census of Heard Co, Ga.
37th Senatorial District - 761st Militia District
RAY, William, 38 years, 6 months, Blacksmith, born GA
RAY, Z.S., 40 years, 5 months, Farmer, born GA

37th Senatorial District - 939th Militia District
RAY, W. H. - 57 years, 9 months, Farmer, born GA (Wade H)

1870 Heard Co Ga (Weedover PO) P 499 (Index)
Carolina O'Neal (Could not locate on this page) Widow of Zachariah

1870 Heard Co., Ga Mil Dist 761 Franklin PO P341  HH 949-899
Aaron J O'Neal 33 WM Ga Farmer 250/253
Mary A." 26 WF Ga
Margaret E. 5 WF Ga
Mary A D " 1 WF Ga
Susanah " 16 WF Al (Niece-dtr of William R & Martha J O'Neal)
Andrew J. " 10 WM Al (Nephew-s/o Bro. Francis M ,William R or Zachariah?)

P 342 HH 982-931 
Frances O'Neal 64 WF Ga 300/ farming (Ray) Died pr to 1880
Mary F " 16 WF Ga (gr/dtr-dtr of Zachariah & Caroline O'Neal)
William H " 14 WM Ga (gr/son-s/o William R. & Martha J O'Neal)
Aaron A " 11 WM Ga (gr/son-s/o Zachariah & Caroline O'Neal)

P 341-342 HH 983-932
Reuben E. O'Neal 37 WM Ga Farming 700/366
Mary F. " 38 WF Ga
Josephine E. " 14 WF Ga
Seaburn Z. " 9 WM Ga
Frances M A " 7 WF Ga
Pallatia M " 4 WF Ga
Reuben Wade " 2 WM Ga
Cornelia J " 6/12 WF Ga

P342 HH 984-933
Nathan O'Neal 34 WM Ga Farming
Matilda C. " 35 WF Ga
Mary Ann " 10 WF Ga
Frances M " 9 WF Ga
Caroline E. " 7 WF Ga
Martha J " 5 WF Ga
William L " 3 WM Ga
Reuben Z. " 3/12 WM Ga

1870 Randolph Co, Ala -P 600 HH 431-431 Roneoke PO
Wright Corsey (Causey) 45 WM Ga Farmer 500/500
Adaline " 48 WF Ga (Adline Ray, Ellis)
Aaron " 18 WM Ga
Judson " 17 WF Ga
Sophronia "  15 WF Ga

1880 Morris Co, Texas Pct 4, P 151B
Rite F. Causey 54 WM Ga NC Ga Farmer
Adaline " 58 WF Ga Va Ga Wife (Adline Ray, Ellis)
Aaron R. C. " 30 WM  Ga Ga Ga Son

1880 Heard Co, Ga Dist 939 P 63 A
Nathan O'Neal 43 WM Ga Ga GA Farmer (Died 1909)
Matilda " (E. Booth) 37 WF Ga wife
Francis M. " 19 WM Ga son
Elizabeth C. " 16 WF Ga Dtr
Jane " 13 WF Ga Dtr 
William L."  11 WM Ga Son
Zachariah H."  9 WM Ga Son
Joseph W " . 8 WM Ga Son
Aaron R. " 6 WM Ga Son
Samuel " 4 WM Ga Son
Leana " 2 WF Ga Dtr (Lena Frances*) 
Seabourn E."  5 Mos WM Ga Son (Seburn Edward)

* Lena Frances O'Neal Born Mar 20, 1878-Died: Aug 12, 1959 
(M) Augustus T. Jackson  Born 16 FEB 1877-Died:  10 APR 1966 
Buried Glenn, Heard County, Ga -Mt. Zion, Methodist Cemetery

P 66 D, Dist 939
Ruben E. O'Neal 47 WM Ga Ga Ga Farmer
Mary F. " 47 WF Ga Wife
Ruben " 12 WM Ga Son 
Cornelia " 10 WF Ga Dtr
Saloma " 8 WF Ga Dtr
Martha V. " 5 WF Ga Dtr
Aaron " 22 WM Ga Nephew

P 67 B, Dist 939
Pressley Gross 38 WM Ga Ga Ga farmer
Martha " 35 WF Ga  Ga Ga Wife
Reuben O'Neal 23 WM Ga Ga Ga Lab.
& others (Gross)

P 67BDist 939
Charles Gross 31 WM Ga Ga Ga farmer
Mary A. 21 WF Ga Ga Ga Wife
Jackson O'Neal 19 WM Ga  Ga Ga Lab

Dist 702 P 58C
Armistead Roberts 79 WM Ga
Francis " 38  WF Ga  Ga Ga Dtr
Caroline O'Neal 46 WF Ga Ga Ga  Dtr (Wid of Zachariah O'Neal)
Aaron " 24 WM Ga Ga Ga  Gr/Son farmer
George " 19 WM Ga Ga Ga Gr/Son at school

Dist 761 P 76C
Mary O'Neal 38 WF Ga Va Va HK
Mary "  11 WF Ga  Ga Ga Dtr at school
James P, " 9 WM Ga Ga Ga Son at school

WWI Civilian Draft Registrations: Heard Co, Ga 1917-1918
Dewitt Talmage Oneal Jun 18 1892 Caucasian GA;USA Not Stated, Res Heard, GA 
Jesse Mercey Oneal Feb 2 1885 White Not Stated, Res Heard, GA 
John Henry Oneal Sep 28 1895 Caucasian GA;USA Not Stated, Res Heard, GA 
Luther Jefferson Oneal Jan 9 1883 White Not Stated, Res Heard, GA 
Olen N Oneal Nov 15 1899 White Not Stated, Res Heard, GA 
Otis D Oneal Nov 15 1899 White Not Stated, Res Heard, GA 
Reuben K Oneal Jul 20 1897 GA Not Stated, Res Heard, GA 
William Aaron Oneal Feb 21 1890 Caucasian GA; USA Not Stated, Res: Fannin, GA
1920 Census Index
Oneal, Aaron 29 1890 Georgia White Mobile, Fannin, Georgia 
Oneal, Dewitt T 28 1891 Georgia White Rockalo, Heard, Georgia 
Oneal, Jessie M 34 1885 Georgia White State Line, Heard, Georgia 
Oneal, Joe W 48 1871 Georgia White State Line, Heard, Georgia 
Oneal, Luther J 37 1882 Georgia White State Line, Heard, Georgia 
Oneal, Olen N 20 1899 Georgia White State Line, Heard, Georgia 
Oneal, Otis D 23 1896 Pennsylvania White State Line, Heard, Georgia 
Oneal, Reuben K 22 1897 Kansas White State Line, Heard, Georgia 
Oneal, Ruben W 51 1868 Georgia White State Line, Heard, Georgia 
Oneal, John Henry 29 1890 Georgia White Waresville, Heard, Georgia

Index to Death Records, Heard Co, Ga
Name/Age/Place/Date/Cert # Res. Co if Diff.
Etta O. Oneal/--/Heard /Aug 18, 1919/11518-A
Inf of John H. O'Neal/--/Heard/ May 10, 1923/14596-E
Matilda O'Neal/--/Heard/April 05, 1923/11595-E
Mrs Betty L O'Neal/--/Heard/April 27,1935/10107
Mollie P O'Neal /84 yrs/Heard/July 18, 1852/16145
Reuben W O'Neal/85 yrs/Heard/March 11, 1954/6075
J H O'Neal/66 yrs/Baldwin/March 27, 1961/05948 Res: Heard Co
Carrie G O'Neal/95 yrs/Douglas/Jan 15, 1971/005177 Res: Heard Co
DeWitt T. O'Neal/79 yrs/Carroll/May 1, 1972/00517/ Res: Heard Co
Olin N O'Neal/82 yrs/Troup/Oct. 21, 1982/042669/Res: Heard Co
Otis D. O'Neal/51 yrs/Coweta/Jan 26,1982/002387/Res: Heard Co
Otis D. O'Neal/83 yrs/Troup/No 12, 1983/041058/Res: Heard Co
Ethel P. O'Neal/87 yrs/Coweta/Dec 14, 1990/047683/Res: Heard Co
Elizabeth Y. O'Neal/83 yrs/Troup/June 9, 1994/024418/Res: Heard Co
SSDI-Heard Co, Ga
FANNIE ONEAL 10 Jan 1904 -Aug 1975 Wedowee, Randolph, AL
JAMES H ONEAL 19 Nov 1942 -9 Jun 2000 Roanoke, Randolph, AL 
JOHN W ONEAL 3 May 1922- 26 Feb 1994 Roanoke, Randolph, AL 
PIERCE ONEAL 4 Apr 1893 -Feb 1970 Roanoke, Randolph, AL 

1850 Heard Co, Ga-(Unidentified)
Basset, William P 27 M Ga farmer
" Elizabeth (RAY?) 27 F Ga
" Frances RAY 05 F Ga