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Harold, USN, 1952-55

March, 1958, City Route 3, in the snow

Jan, 1973, City Route 13, Mounted-in the snow again
Harold changed to Rural Route Carrier, May, 1973

NOTHING stops the mail!

The pony has turned around

Harold & Sadie Greening Sparks (the woman in his life)

Harold @ Post Office-43 1/2 yrs service
17 yrs as City Carrier
26 + yrs as Rural Carrier (Rt 10)-Retired July, 1999
This old Dodge pickup served faithfully for 13 yrs on a rural mail route-one tough truck!
and it's still "in the family" though it was replaced in Aug. 1997

Harold is now a full time "Pawpaw" &  gardener/chef

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John Thomas Sparks & wife, Allie Bertie Polk


William R. Sparks Family
#1 wife Mary A. King
(# 2 wife Luvenia (Watkins) Gardner-Harold's line)

Andrew Jackson Sparks & wife Mary Ann Allen

Richard Sparks & wife Elizabeth Cooper

William Sparks & wife Mary Polly Fielder

Matthew Sparks & wife Sarah (Thompson?)
Ancestry of Matthew Sparks

Dr. Elijah Allen & wife Acenith Louisa Hollingsworth

Benjamin Hollingsworth & wife, Joicey Jones

Jacob Hollingsworth & wife Mary Brooks

Samuel Hollingsworth & Wife, Mary Garner

James Hollingsworth & wife Mary Jones

Samuel Hollingsworth & wife Barbara Shewin
Includes Hollingsworth ancestry
Samuel Hollingsworth & wife, Hannah Harlan
Valentine Hollingsworth & wife Ann Calvert
Henry Hollingsworth & wife Katherine

Ann Calvert Ancestry
Thomas Calvert & wife Jane Glasford
John Calvert & wife Grace (MNU)
William Calvert & wife Elizabeth (MNU)
Hugh Glasford & wife Margaret (MNU)

Hannah Harlan Ancestry
George Harlan & wife Elizabeth Duck
James Harlan & wife UNK
William Harlan & Wife Deborah (MNU)
Ezekiel Duck & wife Hannah Hoope

James Jones & wife Mary "Polly" ____

Martin Jackson Watkins & wife Salina Rambin

Jean Baptiste Azenor Rambin & wife, Marie Angelica Carmelite Palvados

Alexander (Francois Alexis)  Rambin Family

Mitch Rambin Family

Michel Antoine Rambin & wife, Marie Therese Ignace Mailloux

Andre Antoine Rambin & wife, Marie Francoise Clermont

Jacques Archambault & wife Francoise Toureau
Incl-Antoine Archambault & wife Renee Ouvrard
Incl Francois Toureau/Touraude & wife Marthe Noel

Jacques Beauvais & wife, Jeanne Solde'
Includes Gabriel Beauvais & wife Marie Crevier
Includes Martin Solde' & wife Julienne LePotier

Jean Bissonnet & wife Marie Charlotte Davenne
Incl. Charles Davenne & wife Marie DeNoyan
Jean Davenne & wife Francoise Horan
Edward DeNoyan & wife Catherine Chevalier

Pierre Bissonnet & wife Marie D'Allon
Incl. Jacques Bissonnet & wife Guillaume' DeBien
Michel D'Allon & wife Marguerute Veronne

Jacques Pierre Boulogne & wife Catherine Bechet

Nicolas Chauvin de la Freniere & Indian Catherine

Pierre Chauvin & Wife Marthe Autreuil Le H'Autreaux
Inc.  Rene Chauvin & wife Catherine Avard de Solesne

Antoine Clermont aka St. Antoine & wife Marie Jeanne Weillot

Noel Langlois & wife Francoise Garnier/Grenier
Includes Guillaume Langlois & wife  Jeanne Millet

Ignace-Andre Mailloux & wife Marie Therese Philibot

Pierre Mailloux & wife, Marie Louise Vachon  

Noel Mailloux & wife Therese Louise Marcoux

Pierre 1 Mailloux dit Desmoulins & wife Anne DeLauney
Incl: Jacques Mailloux & wife Claire Suzanne Arnaud
 Louis DeLauney & wife wife Marguerite Crosulette
Claude DeLauney & wife Anne Barbier
Louis DeLauney & wife (UNK)

Pierre Marcoux & Wife Marthe de Rainville
Incl-Claude Marcoux & wife Marie Juneau
Paul de Rainville & wife Roline Poete'
Jean de Rainville & wife Jean Breche

Nicolas Pierre Migneret/Milleret & wife Suzanne Kerami-Peni8assa (Indian)

Jean Francois Palvados & wife, Helenore Therese Tessier
Francois Palvados & wife Jeanne Bernard

Charles Philibot & wife Marie Anne Boulogne

Charles II Philibot/Flibot & wife Marie Charlotte Bissonnet

Charles I Flibot/Fribaut & wife Marguerite Rousselot
Incl-Jacques Fribaut & Wife Francoise Bandeau
Incl-Jean Rousselot & wife Barbe Simone Denys

Antoine Regnault dit Desmoulins & wife Elizabeth Hubert dit LaCroix
Incl-Guillaume Regnault dit Desmoulins & wife Jeanne Crepeau
Incl-Nicolas Hubert dit LaCroix & wife Marguerite Landreau

Pierre Tessier dit Lavigne & wife Marie Magdeleine Turpin

Jean Bte. Texier/Tessier  dit La Vigne & wife Marianne Migneret/Milleret

Jean Baptiste Texier/Tessier dit Lavigne & wife Elisabeth Regnault dit Desmoulins

Urbain Tessier dit Lavigne & wife Marie Archambault

Joseph Turpin & wife Hypolite Chauvin de laFreniere

Pierre Alexander Turpin & wife Marie Charlotte Beauvais

Vincent Vachon & wife Louise Cadieu dit Courville
Incl: Charles Cadieu, Sieur de Courville & wife Michelle Madeleine Macard

Paul Vachon & wife Marguerite Langlois
Includes Vincent Vachon I & wife Sapience Vateau (Rabeau)

Timothy Morgan Polk & wife Alice May Coward

Elias Franklin Polk & wife Sarah J W "Sally" Ladd

James Polk & wife, Frances Symiriam "Miram" Carter

Thomas Polk (Sr) & wife Lucy

William Milburn M. Coward & wife Mary A. Clark

James R. Coward & wife, Harriett Jackson

Milburn Coward (Sr.) & wife Lydia (MNU)