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Richard Bennett , Jr. was born in Isle of Wight County, Va, about 1647. He was the son of Richard Bennett, Sr & wife Ann (MNU).  He made his will in IOW Co, March 3, 1720.  No extant record on the wife of Richard Bennett, Jr. has been found, as her name does not appear in any document.. 

Children: BENNETT

(1) Ann  CA 1668 (M) John Bell  Pr to Sept, 1694 (deed from gr/father-Richard Bennett, Sr)
John Bell died Surry Co, Va  1713  Est Appr .presented by Ann Bell, sig: Henry Hart,
James Bruton

(2) Richard (III) CA 1670 (Died Intestate 1735 Surry Co, Va-Inventory recorded Jan 21, 1735 Appraisal of est. made by James Washington, Wm. Evans, Thomas Bell. ADMR-Benjamin  Bennett
His Children: Bennett (according to Boddie) 
    a. John Died Surry Co, Va (Will of Jan 24, 1750-51, Bk 3, P 713)
    b. Benjamin died Amelia Co, Va Will Dec, 31, 1767
        (M) Mary
              1. William
              2. John
              3. Benjamin
              4. Susan
              5. Elizabeth
              6. Mary
              7. Selah
     c. Richard -Died Surry Co, 1719-NO record of wife/children-Appraisal of his estate made by Hugh Foster, William Howell, Charles White ADM: Benjamin Chapman 

(3) James CA 1672 Died Brunswick Co, (Will Dated Nov. 11, 1751 Pro: Mar. 1, 1752)
(M) Mary Rogers
   Children: Bennett
   a. Benjamin  Died 1783 Brunswick Co, Va -Will-
       (M) Sarah
             1. John
             2. Benjamin d. after 1840 DeKalb Co, Tn
             3. Richard 
             4. William 
             5. Sarah (M) Sadler
             6. Mary
             7. Elizabeth 
             8. Charles
             9. Priscilla 
           10. Frances "Frankey"
           11. Nancy
           12. James 
   b. James 
   c. Mary (M) Proctor
   d. Frances (M) Sims
   e. Priscilla (M) Dugger
   f. Joseph
   g. Reuben-Reuben moved to Bute Co. NC. Died Warren Co. NC 1793 Will
   h. Brambley

(4) Capt. William  Born Ca 1673* IOW Co, Va Died N/H Co, NC (Will 1765)
      Not mentioned in Will -appears to be 1 of the Blackwater Bennetts
      (M) Grace 
Was in Bertie Co., NC prior to 1720

*William Bennett appears on 1689, Tithe List and has to be at least 16 yrs of age, also appears on 1690, 1693 & 1694 Tithe List of Surry Co, Va; along with brother James Bennett- is married w/dtr Anne in 1703 IOW Co, Will of  Matthew Fones-sgs

(5) Frances CA 1674 (M) John Mangum .
John Mangum  died 1737 IOW CO , Va- Inv. signed by Frances Mangum, ADMX

(6) Jane (M) ____ Cofer

(7) Silvestre (dtr)


Surry Co, Va Tithables, June 10, 1677 List of Capt Sam. Swan:
Inhabiting upon part of Lawnes Creek and ye blk water in Lawnes Creeke pish
Rich Bennett 1 tithe

Surry DB 4, P 31 Mar 3, 1687 John Coker ( & w/Margaret) of Lawnes Cr Par, to Richard Bennett, the younger, of the Upper Par, IOW Co, 450 AC (400?) granted to sd. Coker on April 20, 1685.; land is b/b Cypress Swamp and the main Blackwater and adjoins John Collins, Col. Brown & William Foreman ; Margaret Coker relinq. dower. Wts: Robert Kae, George Williams & David Anderson.

List of tithables taken June, 1689 of ye Lower precinct of Lawnes Creek pish.(Surry co) per Mr. Robt. Ruffin
Wido Monk for Robt Hunicutt & Wm. Benett 2 tithes

List of tithables in ye Lower precinct of Lawnes Creek pish, (Surry Co) 1690
Ed Moreland, Wm Bennitt, Saml Gredle, & Abra. Morris 4 tithes

IOW Co, Bk 2, P 565 Dec 19, 1691-Richard Bennett, Jr. wit Will of Susanna Jones-Named: Husband Arthur Jones, Father, Henry King, Dtr Elizabeth, Dtr Mary Prov. May 26, 1713

Surry DB4, P 263 May 17, 1692 Arthur Long of Lawnes Crk Par., son & heir of Arthur Long, late of this Par., to Thomas Drew/Drue of same, 150 AC in this par., formerly in the occupation of William Bennett.  (Mary Long w/o Arthur Long, relinq. her rt. of dower.) Wts: Thos. Blunt, Edwd. Drew Rec'd May 17, 1692 (Who is this William Bennett?)

June 10, 1693 Tithe list, Surry Co, Lawnes Creek parish: (List of Tho. Swan)
Jno. Mangom 1 tithe
Ja. Bennet 1 tithe
Wm Bennet 1 tithe

Surry DB5, P 17 (1694) Ann Bell, lately Ann Bennett, a dtr. of Richard Bennett, Jr., of the Upper Par. of IOW Co., was married to John Bell with the consent of her gr/father Richard Bennett, Sr..  Rchard Bennett Sr. gives Ann Bell, his gr/dtr., for love and affection..."four score acres in the Lower Par., of Surry Co., pt. of 630 AC escheated to sd. Bennett, SR., and b/b the W/S of Pocatnick Swamp, and the land of my son James Bennett"  Sig: Richard X Bennett Wts: John Bell, James X Bennett, & Joseph Ford Rec'd: Sept 4, 1694

June 9th, 1694 tithe list-Surry Co, Lawnes Creek pish
James Bennett 1 tithe
Wm Bennett 1 tithe
John Thorpe 1 tithe
John Mangham 1 tithe
John Cocker, Wm. Coker 2 tithes

Surry DB5, P 163 Mar 23, 1695 John Mangham of Lawnes Crk. Par., to Gregory Morrell, of the same, 100 near John Paisonseo? in IOW Co., land was bought from Richard Bennett. Sig: John X Mangham Wts: Richard Holliman, & John X Atkinson Rec'd: Mar. 7, 1698

June 10, 1698 Tithe list, Surry Co, part of Lawnes Creek Parish (list of Will. Newsum)
James Bennett 1 tithe
John Bell, & Thos. Morrell 2 tithes
John Coker & Wm Coker 2 tithes
list of tithables, lower precinct of Lawnes Crk parish, from Carter's run downward:
Jno. Thorpe

List of tithables in Lawnes Creek parish, taken 9th June, 1699 (list of James Mason)
John Thorpe 1 tithe
James Bennett, 1 tithe

Surry DB5, P 178 Sept 2, 1699 Richard Bennet, SR of Upper Par., of IOW Co., to John Bell of the Lower Par of Surry Co., land on W/S of Pokatnick Swp adj. John Mangom, & Anne Belke, pt. of 630 AC grtd. sd. Bennett.  Sig: Richard Bennett Wts: Thos. Edwards, Thos. Wood Rec'd: Sept 5, 1699

June 8th, 1700 tithe list-Surry Co-list of Henry Tooker (Upper part of Lawnes Creek Parish)
Jno. Bell, Tho. Morrell 2 tithes
James Bennett 1 tithe
Jno. Thorpe 1 tithe
Richard Bennett 1 tithe

June 10th,1701 Tithe list, Surry Co-Lawnes Creek Parish by Henry Tooker
John Bell 1 tithe
James Bennett, Randall Revell 2 tithes
John Tharpe 1 tithe
Richard Bennett 1 tithe

1702 tithe list, Surry Co-Lawnes Creek Pish by Tho. Holt
James Bennitt 1 tithe & next door
Robt. Lancaster 1 tithe
Jno. Thorpe 1 tithe
Lovely Savage 1 tithe
Jno Cooker & Wm Cooker (Coker?) 2 tithes
Robt Lancaster, Jr & Samll. Lancaster 2 tithes

List of Samll. Thompson, Lower Precinct of Southwarke Parish, Surry Co., June 9th, 1703:
Richd. Bennitt 1 tithe
June 10th, 1703 , list of Tho. Holt, Lawnes Creek Parish
Jno. Tharpe 1 tithe
Jno. Bell 1 tithe
Robt. Lancaster, Samuell Lancaster 2 tithes
Jno. Sugger, Richd. Bennitt, Matt & Ffrs., Negr. 4 tithes
Robert Lancaster 1 tithe & next door
James Bennett 1 tithe

1704 IOW Quit Rents-
Richard Bennett 70 AC
John Bell 200 Ac
John Mangann (Mangam)100 AC
Thomas Throp 350 AC 
Richard Lewis 100 AC 
John Cotton

Surry Co, 1704 Quit Rents
James Bennett 200 Ac
John Bell 180 Ac
Rich'd Benett 200 Ac 
Robert Lancaster 100 Ac
Jno. Cocker 900 Ac  (Coker, fr Deeds)

IOW Bk 2, P 468 Will of Matthew Fones Dated Oct 11, 1703 Prov. Aug 9, 1704 Names Wife Abigail, son Robert, son John, son Thomas; to Thomas Fones the son of John Fones; dtr Mary; ANN Bennett, dtr of William Bennett; Extrx: wife, Capt. Arthur Smith to make equal division of estate. 

IOW DB 2, P 16-17 July 3, 1704 John Portis & w/Deborah to William DeLoach, land Wts: Blackabee Terrell & Francis Lee- Rec: Feb 9, 1704
Nov 21, 1704 Deborah Portis Widow of John Portis, appoints Richard Bennett, son of Richard Bennett, SR and Thomas Harris, her attorneys. Wts: Francis Floyd, Thos. Wilson, Benj. Drewit

On the 9th of January 1706-07, Robt. Lawrence, "son & heir of Robt. Lawrnce, dec'd, sells  to Robt. Crawford of Lawne's Crk Par., Surry Co, 150 AC of land grtd. my father 28 Sept, 1643." This land patented by the elder Robt Lawrence, lay next to the land of the Widow Alice Bennett, and the deed of his son Robt., Jr. was endorsed thus, "This day being the 8th of April, 1706, William Bennett has given peaceable possession of these premises to Robt. Lawrence of IOW Co in the presence of these witnesses, Carter Crawford, William Brantley." This Robert Crawford (Crayford) married Elizabeth, dtr of George Carter.  John & James Carter witnessed & were named as overseers in )Will of Richard Bennett, 1720......Ref: 17th Century Isle of Wight, (Boddie) 

Following are all Surry Co records, unless otherwise noted

Surry Co Wills, (Davis) Jan 12, 1712-13 Richard Bennett wit Will of Dennis Pattison

DB6, P 140 May 20, 1713 John Ward to Richard Bennit for 5 sh., 100 AC (land sold to John Ward by Phillip Burrow on Mar. 7, 1703) b/b Parson's Branch. Sig: John X Ward Wts: William Davidson, Henry Gauler, Francis X Regan Recd'd: May 20, 1713

DB 6, P 220 Jan 17, 1714 Richard Bennett to James Mastin, tailor, for five shillings, 100 AC which was sold to John Ward on 20th May, 1713 on Parsons branch. Wts: Nicholas Maget, Adam Heath Sig: Richard (X) Bennett

Nov. 15, 1715 IOW Bk 2, P 611  Thomas Wood Will-Named: Son George, my grandson......William Drew of the Lower Parish of Surry Co., land sold him.  wife Elizabeth, Extrx.  WTS Mary Bennett

July 12, 1716-Will of Phillips Shelly-Wit by William Bennett 

Dec 16, 1719 Richard Bennett Estate-Benjamin Chapman, Admr. Signed by: Wm. Foster, Wm. Howell, Chas. White Bk 7, P 230 

Surry DB 5, P 309 June 17, 1720 Margaret Coker of Lawnes Cr Par., to John Phillips of same, for 5 sh., 150 AC on S/S Cypress Swamp, in Lawnes Crk. Par., adj. Sion Hill, and Anthony Evans. (being prt of parcel of 1400 AC grtd. John Coker & Richard Bennet). Wts: Thomas Atkinson, William X Evans, & Samuel X Vasser Recd: Feb 15, 1720

Surry DB7, P 311 Jan 17, 1720 Margaret Coker of Lawnes Crk Par., to Anthony Evans  of same, for 5 sh., 100 AC on S/S Cypress Swamp in Lawnes Crk Par., and b/b William Evans, the Poplar Br., and Sion Hill   (being part of 1400 AC grtd John Coker & Richard Bennit).Wts: Thos. Atkinson, John X Phillips, Anthony Evans Rec'd Feb 15, 1720

Surry DB 7, P 312 Jan 17, 1720 Margaret Coker of Lawnes Crk Par to Anthony Evans of same, for 5 sh.,   50 AC S/S Cypress Swamp in Lawnes Crk Par., and b/b William Evans, the Poplar Br., and Sion Hill (being pt of 1400 AC grtd. John Coker & Richard Bennit) Wts: Thos. Atkinson, William X Evans, Samuel X Vesser Rec: Feb 15, 1720

Will of Richard Bennett, Jr, Upper Parish, Isle of Wight Co, Va
March 3, 1720.

March ye 3rd Day 1720 In the Name of God Amen. Rich'd Bennett in ye upper parish of Isle of Wight County in Virginia being sick & weak in body yet in perfect memory thanks be to God for it Do therefore do makethis my Last Will & Testament as followith-first I Commit my soul to God our Heavenly Father trusting to be saved by Jesus Christ our only Saviour and my body on Earth to be Decently Buried & as for my worldly Goods I bestow as followith

I Give and bequeath unto my son Richd Bennett to him & his heirs lawfully begotten of his body two hundred acres of Land & over it being Land where on my Son Richard now lives

I give & bequeath unto my son James with ye other two hundred acres of Land where on he now lives. I lay to him & to his heirs lawfully begotton of his Body forever it is a Coveyance of four hundred acres of Land I bought of Mr John Coffers pattin of Land being fourteen hundred & fifty acres

1 Give & bequeath unto Jane Coffer & her two sons Rob Coffer & John Coffer to them & their heirs Lawfully of their body for ever my plantation and land whereon I now live I lay to them & to their heirs for ever it being part of Land Which was bought formerly of Mr Wm Miles

I Give and bequeath unto Jane Coffer a small trunk & a Gold Ring and a Great Iron pot

I Give & bequeath to Rich Coffer my Long Gun

I Give & bequeath to Magdalen Coffer one Great pewter Dish and one Great Basin

I Give and bequeath to Francis Manggum my Gran Daughter a feather Bed & all ye belongs to it 

I Give and bequeath unto my Daughter Silvester a Couple of Dishes & aCouple of plates

furthermore I do appoint Jane Coffer & Wm Allen to be my full and whole Exct to pay my Debts & to Receive what is owing to me & when these my Debts being paid ye rest of my Goods within Doores and outDoores tobe Equally Divided amongst my Children

Desiring this my trusty friends Jno & James Carter to See this my Last Will & testament fulfilled In Witness here of I sett my hand & Seal Rich'd R Bennett (Seal)

Exrs: Jane Cofer and William Allen
My trusty friends, John & James Carter to be overseers.
Wts: John Carter, James Carter, William Allen, Sr.

IOW Co, Bk 2 P 45 Aug 22, 1720 Estate of Richard Bennett-Appraised by Arthur Jones, Thomas Ward, William Bell Sig: Jane Cofer

Some of these records belong to the family of James Bennett, Brother to Richard Bennett, Jr. 

June 25, 1721 Est. of John Thorp-Mary Thorp, Admx. Sig: James Bennett, James Bruton, Joan Gray

Sept 21, 1721 Will of Margaret Coker mentions land given to gr/son John Coker, adj. James Bennett.

IOW Co-Will of Sarah (NMU) Lewis, Bennett, Lancaster
Widow of  #1-Daniel Lewis,  (d) 1698 
#2-Richard Bennett, SR (d) 1710 
& #3 of Robert Lancaster (d) 1720
Dated Oct. 31, 1722 Pro Jan 29, 1722/3

Grand dtrs: Ann Craft, Sarah Meacom, Ann Kae,
to Mary Mangum, the daughter of John Mangum
to Bridgett & Sarah Bennett, the dtrs of James Bennett
Gr/dtrs: Elizabeth, Martha & Susan Meacor (Meacom)
to Mary Ussery
to my sister Elizabeth Hood
to Mary Sowdell
daughter Susanna Meacor 
gr/son Lewis Meacor
to Mary Jones
to Benjamin Bell
to Samuel Craft
remainder of my estate to my dtr Mary Bell, and makes her Extrx
Wts: Thomas Roser, William Hood

Jan 8, 1724-5 Will of William Rogers, names Dtrs Mary Bennett, & Sarah Bennett

Oct 6, 1728 Will of Loveless Savige, Dtr Olive Mangum mentioned-Wit by James Bennett

DB P 936 Dec 12, 1728 William Rowlin/Rowland* of the Lower Par., to Jeremiah Ellis of the Upper Par., 200 AC on the N/S of Blackwater in the Lower Par., and b/b Manywather? (Meriwether?) Cocke, Richard Bennit, John Bynum, the Myrey Spring, and Stewarts Br. Wts: John Pierson, William Jordan (This Richard Bennett died 1735)
(*My note-Ann Bennett, widow of Jonas Bennett, who died Surry Co, 1696,  naming wife Ann, Godson David Andrews, Jr. Goddaughter Sarah Bage, made a deed of gift to her son William Rowland on Mar. 2, 1696/97, Surry Co.-there is some kind of connection between Richard Bennett family and this Bennett family-sgs)

 DB 8, P 13 May 20, 1730 Jury presents : James Bennett, Sr & Roger Nichols, for not going to church (also long list of others, 1 being Capt. Robert Hix for allowing his Indian servant to hunt with a gun on the Sabbath day.)

May 26, 1731 Nathaniel Munger Will -legacy to Mary Benitt

Jan 16, 1733 DB 8, P 346 Bond of William Bridges & Samuel Bennet for William Bridges as Gdn. of William Clarke, Orphan

June 17, 1733 DB8, P 315 Edward Mathis /Mathas/Mathews? of Lawnes Crk Par., to John Bennit of same, 100 AC in Lawnes Crk, being 200  AC which was given sd Edward Mathis by Robert Littlebury, dec'd., b/b S/S of Mill Swamp, and William Little Wts: Samuel Sands and William Jones

May 13, 1734-John Bennitt & Benjamin Bennitt wit deed of Edward Mathis to Benjamin Bell.

Sept 23, 1734 Will of Henry Browne-Refers to debt owed by Richard Bennett, SR

Feb. 18, 1735 Bk 8, P 560 Richard Bennett Estate-Benjamin Bennett Admr.-Signed: Capt John Chapman, James Washington, Wm. Evans, Thomas Bell 

Jan 20, 1736 James Bennit wit deed of Nicholas Valentine to Thomas Thorington

July 12, 1736 James Bennit wit Deed Wm. Rowland & wife/Ann to John Proctor

Mar 9, 1736 John Phillips of Lawnes Cr Par to Anthony Evans of same, 150 AC S/S Cypress Swp in Lawnes Cr Par, b/b John Judkins, said Evans & Sion Hill being 1400 AC formerly grtd to John Coker & Richard Bennett. 

Isle of Wight Co, Va deeds-1736-1741 TLC Gen., Miami, Fla
DB5, P 85 Feb 5, 1736-7 from Magdalen Carter, Wid., and Martha, her dtr, of Bertie Pct, NC, to Alexr. Carter of Chowan Pct, NC for 3f, a plantation where Thomas Carter, dec'd, lived, b/b "the head of a Branch or Persons line, running along his lkie to a white oak, the grt. pocoson at the head of the Hole Br., Baker's line, a gum ,Cefils line, so along his line, the little poquoson, Hulls Br, John Mangum.  The land contains abt 350 A, and is prt of a grtd tract formerly taken up by William Miles by the sd patent, which land Thomas Carter bought of Wm. Cook in 1669 by deed and in 1709 Thomas Carter, dec'd. left land in will to Magdalane, his wife, and Martha, his dtr, during their lives, and after their death to Alexander, his aforenamed son. Signed: Magdalane Carter, her mark, Martha Carter, her mark, Wit: Jno. Langston, Jr., James Carter, his mark, Sarah Floyd, her mark Rec'd. Feb 28, 1736

IOW DB 5 P 88, Mar 26, 1737 Alexander Carter of Chowan Pct, NC to Joseph Mangrum of Lower Parish of IOW-  for 12 f, one certain plantation tract in the lower parish of IOW, b/b head of a small branch, Person's line tree, the grt pocoson, the head of the Hole Branch, Baker, Cafil, the Little Pocoson, Hulls Branch, John Mangrum, cont abt 350 ACand is part of a greater tract formerly taken up and patented by William Miles. No wts.

Jan 16, 1737 Joseph Clark & w/Margt. & Mary Mastin to Wm. Jordan, being land formerly in possession John Ward who conveyed it to Richard Bennet, who sold to James Mastin, Dec.'d

IOW CO- Appraisal of Est of John Mangum by John Davis, Edward Brantley, Joseph Ward (Ordered 9/26/1737, Recorded Nov. 28, 1737 -Signed: Frances Mangum , ADMX) 

IOW Co, Bk 4 P 305 Mar. 21, 1738 (Pro. Dec 22, 1740) Will of Zeakell Matthews Named: Son Zeakell, son Edward; to James Bennett; to dtr Martha Hunnicutt, dtr Priscilla Morgan, dtr Elizabeth; my wife and seven children, Viz: Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Unity, Edmond, Moses & Enos Wife EXtx.

Mar 21, 1738 Acctg of Est of Elizabeth Champion includes James Bennett, Jr

May 8, 1739 Sion Hill to Wm. Merriott, 150 AC N/S Blackwater Swamp b/b James Bennett

July 18, 1739- List of bills due to Est of Thos. Cogging -incl. James Bennitt

IOW DB 5, P 593, Mar 22, 1740 Francis Sanders of NC to John Bennett of IOW  for 6f, abt 80 A on the S/S of the Main Blackwater Swamp in IOW, and b/b the Doctor's branch, the outside line of James Kitching's land, Martin Harris, Katherine Joyner, according to a deed to Francis Sanders by James Kitching. Wts: John Dunkley, Matthew Griffin Rec Mar 23, 1740

IOW Co, Mar 21, 1740 John Bennett wit deed of Joshua Powell & wife Grace to Francis Seagroves/Seagraves

IOW DB6, P 117 Jan 21, 1741 Vaughan Hillborn of IOW to Josiah Nicholson of Surry, 110 AC N/S three creeks adj, Mary Harris & Nicholson. Wts: Timothy Tharpe, James Bennett, William Johnson, William Bennett.

May 4, 1741 John Coker to John Mooring 150 AC b/b Cypress Swp. Sprdley's line, James Bennett, John Coker, Jr & Mary Vasser. Wts: John Langston, James Bennet, Geo. Delk, John (X) Coker, Jr.

July 15, 1741 Acctg. of Est of Henry Savage, Dec'd-incl James Bennet, John Mangum

Sept 16, 1741 Acctg of Est of Capt Henry Browne, incl Sarah Bennet

IOW Jan 21, 1742 James (x) Bennett & William (X) Bennett wit deed of Vaughn Hillborn to Josiah Nicholson

July 21, 1742 Acctg. of Est of Wm. Williams, dec'd includes legacy to John Bennet

Oct 17, 1742 Thos. Holt to Joseph Hart, 288 AC in Southwarke Par, b/b Green Swamp, at Oneeks' Bridge, John Kee, Joseph Delk, Mr Chas Bins, James Bennet

IOW DB 6, P 299 Dec 29, 1742 James Bennett (& w/Mary) of Nottoway Par to James Ridley of same,   Acres (Not shown)  S/S Nottoway Riv, adj Ridley's Branch & Wm Turner. Wts: Sam'l. Blow, Timothy Tharpe, Nathan Newsom Sig: James (X) Bennett, Mary (X) Bennett

Aug 17, 1743 Acctg. of Est of Daniel Vasser, dec'd includes James Bennet

Dec 21, 1743 Acctg of Est of Wm. Batts, dec'd-incl Samuel Bennet

April 16, 1743 John Moreing to Wm Jordan 150 AC Southwarke Par, being all the land John Coker lately lived on, b/b Cypress Swamp, Nich. Judkins, James Bennet & John Spratley

June 2, 1743 John Hart & w/Faith, to Nich. Thompson 288 AC Southwarke Par, b/b Keas Br, Onyx Bridge, John Kea, Joseph Delk, Chas. Bins, James Bennett, Wm Clark

May 23, 1744 John Langston to Robert Gray, 200 AC being the land sd. Langston bought from Richard Bennett, on N/S Blackwater Swamp, b/b Wm. Merriott, Robt. Gray. Wts: Thos. (X) Bell, Nathan Willeford, Hopkin Harris

IOW DB 7, P 215, Oct 24, 1744 Richard Webb & wife Mary Webb, to Major John Davis a 60 pole square formerly called "North Side of the Indian Field" and now called "Days Neck" adj. Richard Bennett, Esquire, (who is this Richard Bennett?) being land George Brown & wife, Elizabeth Brown, sold to Margaret Drewit, wife of John Drewit, on Sept 21, 1655, who then sold it on Aug 2, 1659 to Thomas Elms, who conveyed it in 1664 to Charles Edwards; and Charles Edwards, and wife, Joan Edwards, conveyed it to Thomas Taberrer on Jan 8, 1665, who willed it in  fee simple to his gr/son Thomas Webb, who died intestate and w/o issue, and the land descended to sd. Richard Webb.  Wts: Arthur Pollard, Thomas Joyce and William Davis

Dec 19, 1744 Acctg. of Est of Thos. Carter, dec'd incls William Bennitt

Aug 25, 1748 Will of Thomas Davis, wit by John Bennett, Peter Hawthorne

Nov 14, 1748 Samuel (X) Bennitt wit deed- Chas. Bins & w/Judith to James Dering

John Bennett Will, Surry Co, Va Bk 3, P 713 Jan 24, 1750/51- Leaves his "well beloved friend and brother (Not named) all of his personal effects except his horse which he leaves to Edward Eppes, s/o Daniel Eppes, whom he appoints EXR.

James Bennett  will in Brunswick Co, Nov 11, 1751 Pro-Mar. 1, 1752
"To my son Benjamin Bennett all land lying bet. Honey Bottom and the upper line. To my children James Bennett, Mary Proctor, Frances Sims, Priscilla Dugger and Joseph Bennett, one shilling ea.  To my son Reuben Bennett all the lower part from sd. Honey Bottom and plantation; to my dtr Brambley Bennett, Bible and furniture, etc; to wife Mary rest of estate. She and son Reuben to be Exrs. Rest: John Dugger, John Duke, Edward Parish

Jan 10, 1752 John Bennitt to  Benj. Little, 100 AC W/S Third Swamp of Blackwater, being pt. of 200 AC which sd. Bennitt bought from Edward Matthis, June 17, 1733, Wts: Robt. Hart John Little, Isaac Little, John Champion

Mar 11, 1752 Samuel Bennett wit deed of John Knight to son Wm. Knight

July 16, 1752 Samuel Bennett wit deed of Maj. Tiller & w/ Bethia to Matthew Hubberd

IOW Co Bk 6, P 29 Feb 1, 1753 Joyce Wheadon Estate appr. by James Piland, John Bennett, William Cary

IOW Bk 6, P 175 May 1, 1755 Estate of Benjamin Bell appraised by James Dering, Samuel Wilson, John Bennett, ordered April 26, 1755

IOW Co DB9, P 411 Feb 12, 1756 Bond of William Cary to John Bennet-Wts: Dolphin Drew, Jeremiah Pierce Mar 5, 1756 Rec'd.

IOW Bk 6, P 216 June 3, 1756 James Piland Estate-Appraised by Peter Fiveash, John Bennett, John Carrell, Sig: Elizabeth Piland
June 3, 1756 Bk 6, P 218 Richard Hardy Estate-appraised by Peter Fiveash, Jeremiah Pierce, John Bennett Sig: Mary Hardy

IOW Co, Bk 8 P 127 Feb. 1, 1769 Pro. Feb. 9, 1772 Will of John Welch Named wife Mary, friend Richard Hardy; Exr;  balance between William, James, Jesse, Thomas, Edward (Edmund?) Bennett, sons of my sister Sarah Bennett. (w/o John Bennett, below-sgs)

IOW Co, Bk 8, P 62  Oct. 4, 1770 Will of John Bennett prov. Dec 6, 1770-Named: Wife Sarah Bennett (was sister of John Welch, above), Eldest son John land adj. Sarah Marlowe;  Son William, Son James, Son Jesse, son Thomas, son Edmund ; dtrs Martha & Lucy 

DB 12, P 390 IOW Oct 13, 1770 William Davidson & w/Lucy, of Hartford (Hertford) Co, NC  to Dolphin Drew of Newport Psh, IOW Co-100 AC on Lawnes Cr Necj Adj. Timothy Tynes, John Bennit, David Jamerson formerly John Moreland, now owned by Ann Willis, w/o Thomas Willis

IOW Co Bk 8, P 83 May 2, 1771 Estate of John Bennett appraised by James Dearing, John Carrell, Jesse Glover

IOW DB13, P 204 Jan 22, 1774 John Bennitt to SMITH & PARKER, Merchants of Smithsfield Town, Acreage Illeg- ? AC  (being land mentioned in the last Will of John Bennett, Dec'd.) Signed: John Bennitt Wts: Nathaniel Burwell, Martha Smith, Nichokas Parker, Jr 

IOW DB 13, P 367 Feb. 19, 1776 John Bennitt, of Newport Prish, & wife Mary Bennitt, to Timothy Tynes, of same, 80 AC in Newport Par., IOW Co., on Lawnes Creek Neck, (being land willed to John Bennitt by his father, John Bennitt, dec'd) adj. land where Sarah Martin/Marlow? formerly lived, sd. Tines Nathaniel Burwell, Abel James & the Mill Swamp. Signed: John Bennett, Mary X Bennett Wts: Robert Tynes, Henry Tynes, William X Addison, Joshua Wilson, Jesse Barlow

IOW DB13, P 367 Feb 19, 1776 John Bennitt of Newport Par., to Timothy Tynes of same, 85 AC on Lawnes Crk Neck which his brother, William Bennit, is Tenant for life. Sig: John Bennitt Wts: Robert Tynes, Henry Tynes, William X Addison

IOW DB 13, P 384 Nov 6, 1776 Jesse Barlow of Newport Par., & wife Lucy Barlow, to Ricgard Hardy of same, 200 AC in Newport Par., on Lawnes Crk Neck, ad. sd. Hardy, Capt. Richard Tynes & William Bennitt, being formerly in 2 tracts., etc etc

IOW Bk 8, P 492 June 4, 1778 Letter of William Bennett, recorded as his will, written from Portsmouth, Sept 24, 1776-"to embark that day for New  York; states that his brother Jesse has enlisted for three years; if he fails to return his estate is to be divided between his brothers  Edmund, James, Jesse, Thomas & John  Bennett & sisters Lucy Bennett & Patty Bennett.

IOW DB 14, P 153-Mar 8, 1780, Thomas Stevens of Brunswick Co and w/Lucy, to James Carrell, son & heir to John Carrell, 45 A Newport Psh, (being land Lucy Stevens & Martha Dobbs were seized of when they were Lucy Bennett & Martha Bennett and Thomas Stevens & Josiah Dobbs agreed to the sale). Richard Carrell died before executing a deed for this land and left Sarah Carrell as his Relict and Admx. Sig: Thomas X Stevens, Lucy X Stevens, Martha X Dobbs Rec'd. Mar 8, 1780

Brunswick Co, Va Will of Benjamin Bennett  1783
"To my son John Bennett 150 Ac   where he now lives, to my son Benjamin Bennett 5 sh; to son Richard Bennett 180 AC where he now lives; to son William 163 Ac; to dtr Sarah Sadler 5 sh, my plantation where I now live to be sold by my Exrs, my sons John & William Bennett and another place bought for my wife Sarah for her life.  Personal property to be equally divided between my wife & children, William, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Charles, Priscilla, and Frankey Bennett, except one cow to Nancy Bennett, and to my son James Bennett one colt to be sold to purchase land.  Plantation of my wife to my son Charles after her death.  Pro. May 26, 1783.

Brunswick Co Court 26 May 1783 The inventory of the estate of Benj. Bennett2 Cows & calves, 3 cows & yearlings, 1 heifer, 2 sm. Steers, 1 horse Colt, 15 young hogs & one shoat, 1 bed & furniture& bedstead, 1 (Bed) & furniture, 1 Black Walnut Chest, 1 pine chest, 6 chairs, 1 old whipsaw, an old ax 6 cooper's ax &saw, 1 frying pan, 1 large pot & hooks, a small pot & hooks, 1 small pot & skillet & gridiron, 1 dutch oven, A shovel &tongs, 1 old linen wheel, 1 box iron & leather, A parcel of lumber, A parcel of Cooper's Tools, 4 old hoes,2 plow hoes,1 old loom, 1 linen wheel, 2 cotton wheels, 4 stays, 4 flax hatchets, 1 slate, 1 reap hook, A small quantity offeathers, 2 small casks, 5 stone plates, 2 small basons, 6 plates 2 dishes, 1 large dish, 8 spoons, 2 butterpotts,knives, & forks, A parcel of Books, 2 Jugs & a Pitcher, 1 Cannister, 3 casks, A pair of hand mill stones A smallgrind stone, 1 bull, 8 sheep, 8 shoats, 1 Sermon book, 1 saddle, 1 pair Sheep shears. Brunswick Co Court 22nd Aug 1785Inventory & appraisment of estate of Benj Bennett dec'd

Will of JOHN BENNETT 17 June 1798 Brunswick Co., VA In the name of God Amen. I John Bennett of the Co of Brunswick & the State of VA, being very sick & weak in body, but of perfect mind & memory & calling to mind the mortality of the body & knowing it is appointed for all men to die do make & ordain this my last will & Testament. First of all I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it& my body to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner & as for what the Lord has entrusted me within thisworld, I dispose of in the following manner... ITEM: I lend to my beloved wife Elizabeth Bennett the use of my land & plantation with all my stock of all kinds &household & Kitchen furniture that may remain after paying all just debts, during her natural life or widowhood & after her decease my will is that what remains may be equally divided among all my then living children. ITEM: I give to my son Benjamin Bennett all my black smiths tools of all kinds to him and his heirs forever. I nominate and appoint Featherstone Sadler and John Dugger Executors of this my last will and testament revoking all others heretofore made, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Seventeenth day of June one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight. Brunswick Co Court Oct 22nd 1798. This last will & testament of John Bennett dec'd was proved. The inventory & appraisal was taken Oct 31, 1798 I have what was recorded in his inventory. It is quite a bit. We know that his son LEWIS Bennett died the same yr as his father. The death of John left Elizabeth with young ch. Thomas stating in his bio that he was ten at the time of his father's death. John & Benjamin were over the age of 21. After his death the follow alterations 1804 read the notes for ELIZABETH. Notes for ELIZABETH SADLER: In this last transaction, there is a combined sale & lease. In it is a provision for the leasing of a house & garden space by Elizabeth Bennett it reads as follows. "Articles of Agreement between Eliza. Bennett & Edwin Fort both of the Co of Brunswick is as followeth the said Elizabeth Bennett hath this day leased unto the said Edwin Fort her house & land for the term of five years beginning the first day of Jan 18 hundred & four and to end the last day of Dec 18 hundred & Eight & the said Fort is to have the above land without any interruption & to clear where he pleases but to clear fare not to run abt on spots clearing places but when he begins to keep on until he gets a good field & said Fort is to take good care of the houses, orchards, to trim & tend them & keep them under a good fence & keep them so & to leave all of the plantation & land that he clean under & good fence or pay for the doing it. Said Fort has the right to the whole land to get timber for the use of the plantation but not to sell or give any. There is a small log house at a little distance from the others that is Excepted for the use of Said Bennett & Ground enough for a Garden & cotton or the like that she is to keep. Said Bennett is to have fruit out of the orchard for her own private use & for the above land said Fort gives Forty Dollars per year pays taxes for five years for which he gives his bond except tax money that he must pay to the sheriff Said Fort hath the privilege to work five hands for the first year and do (ditto) for the other four years In Witness whereof we have here unto set our hands & seal this fifteenth day of Feb 18 hundred & four. Eliza Bennett her Mark X Teste Wm Firth, Wm Haney------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The last property trans. recorded in Brunswick Co was by John Bennett (Jr)

Some of the Bennetts moved to NC,  In THOMAS BENNETT'S bio. he states that he was living with Judy & her husband in Randolph Co. NC since abt 1807. Thomas Bennett married on 12 Feb 1810, & he & his in-laws moved to Ohio in the fall of1811.Judy & John M. Bennett may have moved to Tennessee abt the time that Thomas moved to Oh. -------In Thomas's bio he states that his mother died in Tennessee, & after hearing of her death, he & his father-in-law made a trip there by horseback. It is significant that Thomas had kept in touch with his brothers &sisters & was notified that his mother had died.