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Other Lunenburg Co, Va Records

Lunenburg Order Book 2 1/2 -A  P 477-Feb Court, 1753  Tabitha Campbell, Admx of Est of William Campbell, dec'd agnst Geo Ezell (Michael Ezell, bail) defendant; JURY: Arthur Lee, James Easter, George Berry, Wm Brooks, Benjamin Strange, Richard Swepson, Edwd. Colbreath, John Cox, Michael Satterwhite, Macness Goode, Abner Nash -nonperformance; pltf to recover damages

Order bk 2 1/2 P 478- Josiah Dixon agst William Redman, defendant, JURY: Arthur Lee, Wm Holt, James Easter, Geo. Berry, Benjm. Strange, Richard Swepston, Edwd. Colbreath, John Cox, Michael Satterwhite, McNees Goode, Memucan Hunt; plaintiff to recover debt

Order Bk 2 1/2 P  494-5-Jos. Ray agst Matthew Marable, defendant- JURY: Memucan Hunt, Sam'l. Harris, Abner Nash, James Claiborne, Arthur Lee, William Holt, Benjamin Strange, Wm Brooks, John Jones, Wm. Goode, Richard Swepston, Geo. Berry- plaintiff defaulted; defendant to recover costs

Lunenburg Will Book 1, John Wilburn Estate - Appraisement Mar 17, 1758 by Jno Camp, John Jeffries, Richard Swepson

Order bk 2 1/2 B, P 594- John Clack agnst Ephriam Mabry, defendant- JURY: Benj. Hawkins, Wm. Holt, Nehemiah Frank, George Walton, Jessie Brown, John Humphries, Wm. Chandler, Richard Swepston  John Jennings,  Wm Marable, Philip Poindexter, Wm Jones; plaintiff to recover damages agnst defendant and James Mitchell, late sheriff, for nonperformance

Order bk 2 1/2 B, P 595-6 John Clack on attachment (bason) agnst Wm Dunman & Henry Talley, defendants; court orders jury of bystanders to determine extent of damages; JURY  -Benj Hawkins, Wm Holt, Nehemiah Frank, George Walton, Jessie Brown, John Humphries, Wm Chandler, Richard Swepston,  John Jennings, Wm Marable, Philip Poindexter, Wm Jones,-plaintiff to recover damages for nonperformance by public sale attachments.

Order bk 2 1/2 B, P 597-Benjamin Harrison agnst Edward Carter, defendant (John Shepherd, his bail) JURY: Benjamin Hawkins, Wm. Holt, Nehemiah Frank, Geo. Walton, Jessie Brown, John Humphries, Wm Chandler, Richard Swepston, John Jennings, Wm Marable, Philip Poindexter, Wm Jones; pltff to recover damages for nonperformance

Order Bk 2 1/2 B, P598- John Hall & John Twitty on attachments (broad axx) agnst Jeremiah Hatcher defendant, JURY: Benj. Hawkins, Wm Holt, Nehemiah Frank, Geo. Walton, Jessie Brown, John Humphries, Wm Chandler, John Jennings, Wm Marable, Philip Poindexter, Wm Jones, Richard Swepston; pltffs to recover damages for nonperformance by public sale attachment

Order Bk 2 1/2 B, P 600--1- Wm. Maclin, Jr. agnst Charles Rayley & Henry Parrish, defendants-(Christopher Johnson as Parrish' bail) JURY: Benj Hawkins, Wm Holt, Nehemiah Frank, Geo Walton, Jessie Brown, John Humphries, Wm Chandler, Richard Swepston, John Jennings, Wm Marable, Philip Poindexter, Wm Jones,; plaintiff to recover damages for nonperformance of Parrish; suit dismissed agnst Rayley.

Order Book 3 , P 30-May Court 1754
 Wm Weatherford agnst Richard Thompson, dfdnt in case; JURY: Richd. Womack, Benj. Hawkins, John Fain, Wm Nichols, Wm Goode, Denis Lark, Sherwood Bugg, Wm Jones, Jas. Arnold, Richard Swepston, Geo Farow, Adam Winders;-Verdict- def guilty of slander, his attny asks for judgment on verdict (words spoken by defdnt are not actionable, only part of charge is proved spoken, errors made in proceedings) Court to advise at next session

Order Bk 3, P 315-April Court, 1755
Field Jefferson , sheriff  agnst Richard Dudgeon, defdnt; JURY: Jeremiah Hatcher, Wm Roberts, Joel Chandler, Richard Swepston, John Price, Wm Barton, Jos. Ragsdale, Robt. Wade, Jr, Wm Jones, Bryant Lester, Thos Hawkins,; plaintiff to recover agnst defdnt & Wm Caldwell, a coroner for damages/costs for breach of promise

Order bk 3, P 392-July Court, 1755
Abraham Martin agst Robert Jones, defdnt- JURY: Wm Hunt, Wm Chandler, Benjamin Wade, Michael Satterwhite, Richard Bonds, Richard Swepston, Sherwood Bugg, Jos Minor, Philip Poindexter, Foreman, Jos. Boswell, Philimon Russell, Jos Gill,; defdnt Not Guilty; plaintiff's motion for new trial overruled, defdnt to recover costs of plaintiff for false clamor

Order Bk 4, P 194-September Court, 1756
Sept 8, 1756- Present: Hugh Lawson, John Cox, Richd. Witton, Thos. Bedford, Memucan Hunt, Jas Roberts, Jr agnst Mark Thornton & Wm Snelgrove, defendants-JURY: Wm Reade, Joshua Hawkins, Wm Roberts, Matthew Marable, Wm White, Simon Gentry, Henry Cox, Stephen Bedford, Charles Hamblin, Wm Hunt, Richard Womack, Richard Swepston ,-plaintiff to recover debt of Thornton; suit dismissed as to Snellgrove

Order Bk 4, P 195-Sept Court, 1756-Moses Hall agnst Wm Hunt defendant- in trespass/assault/battery-JURY: Wm Reade, Joshua Hawkis, Wm Roberts, Mathew Marable, William White, Simon Gentry, Henry Cox, Stephen Bedford, Charles Hamblin, Wm Hunt, Richard Womack, Richard Swepston;-Verdict:-Not guilty

Order Bk 5  P 25B. December Court, 1757--Nov 7 (Dec) 1757
John Wells agnst Robert Pamplet, Richard Swepston, William Satterwhite, defendants, -Case DISMISSED

Order bk 5, P 37A- March Court, 1758--Any 3 of John Jeffries, William Harris, Richard Swepston, William Hunt to appraise estate.slaves. personal property of John Wilborne, William Harris, Admr.

Lunenburg Co, Wills-W.B. 1/315 11-13-1760; 12-2-1760; 

I, Francis Sanders of Lun. Co.,  am very sick and weak of body -
I want my estate sold, and after my debts are paid, I want a Negro to be bought with part of the money, and I lend said Negro to my wife, during her life, and then to be equally divided among my children.
Executors - my friends Richard Swepson and Thomas Carlton.
Signed - Francis Saunders.
Witnesses - John Jeffries, Thomas Farguson.
This will made Nov 13, 1760.
At Dec 2, 1760 Court, the within will of Francis Saunders, deceased, was exhibited by both executors, and was proved by the oaths of 2 of the witnesses, and ordered to be recorded.
And on the motion of the executors, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate of said will, they giving security, whereupon they, together with Clack Courtney, their security, entered into bond.

DB6, P 132 July 1, 1760 William Phelps of Lun. in Cumberland Par, to John Jeffries of same, for 250E, a certain tract of land, Lun Co, Cumberland Par, on S/S of the S. fork of allen's Crk, about 531 A and b/b Horsepen Br,. Sig: William Phelps, Wts: Wm. Jones, Samuel Phelps, Christopher Coleman. Rec'd July 1, 1760 after Sarah, wife of sd. Phelps, relinq. right of dower.

Lun. Co, Va Wills-
Sanders, Francis  dated 11-13-1760;  Filed:12-2-1760; W.B. 1/315
Mentions: Wife: not by name
Children: None mentioned.
Executors: Richard Swepson, Thomas Carlton
Witnesses: John Jeffress, Thomas Ferguson

Order Bk 6, P 206B-December Court, 1760
Richard Swepston & Thomas Carlton ,Exors -granted probate of estate of Francis Saunders, Dec'd-Clack Courtney, Security
-P 207- Any 3 of John Cox, William Harris, Jos Freeman, John Cox to appraise slaves/if any, personal est of Francis Saunders, Dec'd

Virginia land Patent book 33 P 974 Feb. 14, 1761-Alexander Boyd, 98 acs, augusta Co, on the waters of Roanoak, along the ridge.-10 shill.
P 976 Feb 14, 1761 Alexander Boyd, 30 acs Augusta Co, on NW side of Roanoak, at the mouth of a Gulley, adj. James Campbell-5 shill.

2/14/1761-Guy Smith -Grant, (33-1011) 400 AC adj. Richard Swebston (Swepson)

Order Bk 6, P 232A, March Court, 1761
Field Jefferson, late sheriff, against John Hobson, Nicholas Hobson, Robt Hatcher, defendants-JURY: Wm Mills, Robt Breedlove, John Hayse, Benjamin Riden, Richard Swepstone, Wilson Mattox, Jas. Foster, John Floyd, Jacob Royster, John Fulton, Jas Heath, Wm Brown; JURY withdrawn; suit dismissed; plaintiff to pay costs

Order Bk 6,  P246B,March Court, 1761-
John Mullins agst Charles Yancey, defdnt in trespass/assault/battery; JURY:  Pinkethma Hawkins, John Cox, Thos. Norrel, John Patrick, Jas Lett, Geo Blanton, Wm Gowen, Wm Brown, Richard Swepstone,, John Norris, Hutchings Burton, Wm Marable, Jr;-Verdict- NOT guilty

Order Bk 6, P 247B, March Court, 1761- Thomas Goodrum & wife, Susannah, agnst Stephen Mallet SR, defdnt in trespass/assault/battery;  JURY: John Cox, John Patrick, John Fulton, Thos Harvey, Jas Lett, Thos Gray, Geo Blanton, John Thomason, Richard Swepstone, John Hogan, Hutchings Burton, Wm Marable,Jr; -Verdict-plaintiffs to recover damages

Order Bk 6, P 249A-March Court, 1761-
Richard Swepstone, witness for John Cox at suit John Hayse-to be pd by Cox for 3 days' attendance

DB6, P 421 Aug 4, 1761 Deed from Thos. Farrar to Guy Smith, 350 A b/b William Hill's upper line, on Mitchell's crk. Wts: Richd. Swepson, Joseph Chandler. Rec'd Aug 4, 1761

Order Bk 7, P 117A-September Court, 1761-
Stephen Wood & Wife, not named, against Sherwood Walton, EXR Jos Johnson, Dec'd, defdnt; JURY: John McNeese, Wm Dabbs, John Hix, John White, Wm Hunt, foreman, David Hopkins, Wm Hudson, Drury Smith, Benjamin Pollard, John Clement, William Harvey, Richard Swepstone-Jury finds that sometime in 1733 (1755?) Jarrel Willingham marr Mary Johnnson-Dtr of Jos. Johnson; bef sd marr, sd Jos Johnson promised to make the fortune of sd dtr Mary equal in value to sd Jarrel (400F or 500F) sd Willingham & wife prosecuted their suit in Chancery agnst sd Johnson, but parties later compromised; they would dismiss their suit & relinquish their claim, in consid. of whch sd Johnson would pay them 50F on next two Christmases and 100F apiece to all Johnson's other children; JURY finds that sd Johnson claimed extortion by Willinghams and never pd plaintiffs any part of sd 100F prior to his death; Stephen Wood abused the dec'd Johnson calling him "an old villian", etc and that if he got the money he was not obliged to him for it, for that he was not compelled to it-JURY finds for the plaintiffs and assess their damages at 50F; JURY finds for the defendant, and his cause cont'd to next court.

Order bk 7, P 118B, September Court, 1761 
William Hudson agnst William White, Sr, defdnt; JURY: Jarrel Willingham, David Hopkins, Richard Swepstone, Wm Harvey, Jacob Womack, Jos. Johnson, Wm Dobbs, John Herndon, Stephen Wood, John Cargill, John Gan, ; plaintiff to recover damages agnst defdnt.

Order bk 7, P 119A, Sept court, 1761-Matthew Marable agst Thomas Heirs, dfdnt; JURY: Jarrel Willingham, David Hopkins, Richard Swepstone, Wm Harvey, Jacob Womack, Jos Johnson, Wm Dabbs, John Herndon, Stephen Wood, John Cargill, John Glan;  plaintiff to recover damages

DB6, P 516 Dec 1, 1761 Richard Witton of Lun, Par. of St. James to Guy Smith of same for 24E, a certain tract of land in St. James Par, Lun. Co, cont. abt 414 A, b/b Richard Swepson, on Blackstone's Crk, the old line, a new line, Joseph Greer. Wts: None Rec Dec 1, 1761

Lun. Co, Va DB 7, P 254 May 18, 1762 Lewis Burwell of Co of James City, to Robert Hatcher of Lun. Co. for 194E, 12 sh, a certain tract of land of about 490 A, in Lun. Co, on both sides of Butcher's Crk., and S/S Twitty's Br, and b/b Witton's Rd, Oliver. Sig: Lewis Burwell, Wts: Thomas Ferguson, John Marable, John Jeffries, Richard Swepston. Rec' June 1, 1762

DB 7, P 256 May 18, 1762 Lewis Burwell of James City Co to Lawdwick Farmer (Farrar?) of Lun. Co, for 192E, a certain tract of land in Lun. Co. S/S of Butcher's Crk, cont. 384 A, pt of a larger tract, b/b Jones, mouth of a grt. branch, the E/S of Byrd's Rd. Sig: Lewis Burwell, Wts: Thos. Ferguson, John Marable, John Jeffries, Richard Swepston.  Rec'd June 1, 1762

DB7, P 267 May 18, 1762 Lewis Burwell of Co of James City to John Murphy of Lun. Co, for 90E, 15 Sh, a certain tract of land, in Lun. Co, cont. abt. 383 Ac. b/b Spring Br, Church Br, the Grt Br., Butcher's Crk. Sig: Lewis Burwell, Wts: Richard Swepton, Thos. Farguson, John Marable, John Jeffries.  Rec'd June 1, 1762

Order Bk 8, P 87B-Robert Haisty assignee of Samuel Phelps, against Richard Swepstone, Defendant in debt- Case dismissed

Order Bk 8,  P 131A, October Court, 1762
Richard Bond agnst Richard Swepson, defendant, -Case dismissed

Lun. DB, 8, P 130, Mar 21, 1764 Deed from William Twitty of S. C. to John Coleman of Johnston Co, NC, for 100 pds. Va. money,, a certain tract of land of about 400 AC, in Lunen. Co, on the head branches of Allen's Crk, joining lands of Wm. Jones, Farquhard, Grant's old survey, Joseph Ragsdale, the land Elisha Brooks sold to Abraham Burton, (it being the land that Wm. Jones  settled of John Twitty's, who is now dead, and Wm. Twitty is heir at law to John twitty, dec'd)  (And for the courses, refer to the patent which is not to hand from the Secretary's Office) . Sig: Wm. Twitty, Wts: Richard Swepton, John Jeffries, Alexander Boyd, James Speed. Rec'd June 14, 1764

Order Bk 10, P 99-July Court, 1764 Richard Witton, Plt, VS Guy Smith & Richard Swepson, Deft. in Debt-For reasons appearing, the suit dismissed at the Deft's costs.

Lunenburg Co, Va. Land Patents-Aug 15, 1764 (36-626) John Jeffries,  123 A S/Fork, Allen's Crk, b/b John Macklin, Martin Fifer 

Lunenburg Marriages-Nov 8, 1764
Richard Swepson, Sec. on MB of Wm. Peasley to Lucy Sanders

Other Mecklenburg Co, Va Records

DB1, P 197-Oct, 1765-John Clark of Lun co. to Wm. Potter of Dinwiddle Co-Negro slave Robin-Wts: Alexr. Boyd, Richard Swepson, Rec'd. Oct14, 1765

DB1, P 238-Oct. 13, 1765 Christopher Lewis & wife Sophia, of Meck. Co, to Alexander Boyd of Meck. Co, in cons. of 100 pds, --300 AC on coleman's Crk, W/S of road, leading from Meck. Court house to Humphries Ordinary. Wts; John Coleman, John Alston, William Sears, Richard Swepson Rec'd-Aug 11, 1766

DB 2, P. 5, Dec. 3, 1767-John Clark of Granville Co( Dist.,) South Carolina, to Carter Clark of Meck, for 200 F, a certain tract of land in Meck on both sides of N. fork of Allen's Cr. abt 331 acres, it being all the land the sd. John Clark has on the Cr. Signed: John Clark-Wit: Richard Swepson, Charles Hames, Sarah Swepson, Rec: Mar 14, 1768.

July 11, 1768-Richard Swepson, Tignal Jones, Sr. & Wm. Norment Appraised Est. of Henry Decker, Dec'd.-Rec'd-Aug 8, 1768

DB2, P 126- Sept, 1768 James Coleman & John Coleman of Meck. Co. to Alexander Boyd of Meck Co, Abt 53.5 AC in Meck on Coleman's Crk, Wts: John McClement, Wm. Decker, Richard Swepson, Deed ack. by John Coleman & wife, Susannah, Recd. Sept. 13, 1768

Sept 12, 1768 DB 2, P 144- Wm Decker of Meck to Joseph Decker of Meck-land in Meck. adj. Decker's Branch,  Alexr. Boyd, Richard Swepson

Sept 1, 1768-DB2, P 149 Wm. Decker of Meck Co to Alexander Boyd of Meck-Abt 100 AC in Meck Adj. Decker, Richard Swepson, James Coleman, mouth of Decker's Br. Wts: John McClement, James Coleman, John Coleman, Richard Swepson, Fanny Decker, w/o Wm. Decker, relinq. dower rts. Rec: Nov 14, 1768,  

DB2, P 540 Nov. 12, 1770  Power of attorney-I, John Clark, of the Province of South Carolina, Granvill (?) County,  appoint my trusty friend, James Clark, of Mecklenburg Co, in Virginia, my lawful attorney, to recover any sums owed me this 12 November, 1770. Wts: Richard Swepson, C. Clark, Alexr. Boyd, Rec'd. 10 Dec., 1770

 DB 3, P 21, Nov. 21, 1770  James Easter  & w/Sarah, of Meck to John Oliver of same, 484 A in Mec. Wts: John Coleman, Richard Sarpson , Jno. Tabb, Asa Oliver, Thos. Whitworth

DB 2, P 541, Jan 14, 1771 Henry Royall of Meck to Lewis Burwell, Esq. of James City Co, Va. Abt 265 AC in Meck-Wts: Richard Swepson, Wm. Hunt, Benjamin Whitehead, Recd. 2/11/1771

DB 3, P 199- Apr 8, 1771- Richard Floyd & wife Sarah of Meck to Richard Jones of Meck Abt 200 A on Grassy cr in Meck-Wit:  Richard Swepson, John Ravens, Robt Crowley Rec Sep 9, 1771

DB3, P 340  April 13, 1772-Ishmael Algood , & w/Rachael, to Benj. Sampson, both of Meck. 100 AC in Meck., adj. Jeffries, SEBSTON, Macklin, 

DB 3, P 436- Aug, 1772-Elisha Gunn of Granville, NC to Alexr. Boyd of Meck-2 Negro slaves Jeanie & Diana, and 1 saddle Wts. Wm. Mealer, Saml. Brame, Robt. McCollock, Richard Swepson, Jr. Rec. Aug 10, 1772

July 12, 1773 DB 4, P 89-Joseph Boswell of Dinwiddle Co, to Joseph Pattison, Jr, of Lun Co, abt 205 AC in Meck. on Meherrin Riv, Wts: Richard Swepson, Richard Lamb, Wm. Blackley, Wm. Browder Rec'd July 12, 1773

DB4, P 71-Deed made Nov. 23, 1771-Frederick & John Maclin of Bruns. Co, to Tignal Jones, Jr. of Meck. Abt 400 AC in Meck, adj. Swepstone, Harwood, the Rocky Br, Skelton, Rec'd. July 12, 1773

DB4, P 199-May 29, 1773 Wm Wallace of Meck to Alexr. Boyd & Co, of Meck-deed of trust-Wts: Richard Swepson, Jr., Stephen Mallet, Jr.

July 10, 1773 DB4, P 121 John Easter of Meck Co to Alexr. Boyd & Co. Deed of trust-Wts: Richard Swepson,  Jr. ,Robt. McCullock,  Recd. 8/8/1773

Sept 8, 1773-DB4, P 142 Jesse Tate of Meck to Alexr. Boyd & Company, Abt 333 AC in Meck,  Wts: Richard Swepson, Jr., Robt. McCullock, Recd. Sept 13, 1773

DB4, P 174-Oct. 11, 1773-Nathanitl Hix & wife Ruth, of Meck, to Bennett Goode of Meck, Abt 300 AC in Meck, adj. James Sanderfurd, Robin's Cr, Richard Swepson, Joseph Akins, Rocky Br.

DB4, P 236 July 13, 1773-Henry Roberson of Meck to Alexr. Boyd of Meck-Deed of trust-Wts: Robt. McCullock, Richard Swepson, Jr.

Nov 1, 1773-Admrs' Acctg. of Est. of John Liddell- ret'd to Crt by Robt. Spence, Admr-Approved by  Alexr. Boyd, John Coleman, & Richard Swepson, Commissioners-Rec'd. Feb. 12, 1776

DB 4, P 344 May 16, 1774 John Winkler of Meck to Richard Swepson of Meck -Deed of Trust -Wit Richard Swepston, Daniel Hill Rec: Oct 10, 1774

DB4, P 452- May 13, 1775-John Johns of Meck. to Boyd,  McCullock & Co., Deed of Trust-Wts: Geo. Tarry, Henry DeLony, Rich'd. Swepson, Jr., Anderson Smith, Tignal Jones, Jr. Rec' d Sept 11, 1775

DB 4, P 460- Sept 11, 1775 James Coleman & wife, Clary, of Meck and  John Coleman & wife, Susannah of Meck, to Matthew Marable of Meck-land join. Richard Swepson

DB4, P 494, Sept 1, 1775 Andrew Peterson (Pattison?) of Meck to Ebenezer McHarg of of Meck.,   (a certain tract of land in Meck. Co, on Robin's Crk,  b/b lines of Jacob Mitchell, John Davis, Nath'l. Hix, (now prop. of McHarg), & Wm. Bilboe, abt. 148 AC, being prt. of 298 AC grtd. Andrew Peterson from Richard Swepson, 4/12/1773) Rec. Nov. 13, 1775 Wts: Peyton Skipwith, Noah Dortch, Hugh Miller, Reuben (X )Mitchell 

DB 4, P 525- April 13, 1776-Stephen Mallett, Jr. of Meck to John Wilkins of Meck, abt 5AC S/S Coleman's Crk, adj. Richard Swepson's near the mill. 

DB4, P 538 Sept, 1776-John Farrar of Meck, to Daniel Hutt of Meck, Abt 95A in Meck-Wts: Richard Swepson, Wm. Sandifur, James Toone

DB5, P 29-April 11, 1777-Drury Robertson of Brunswick Co to S-I-L Jerry Smith negro girl named nan,  Wts:  Richard Swepson,  Wm. Bartlett, Chas. Pistole

DB 5, P 92-Sept 8, 1777 Peter Field Jefferson & w/Elizabeth of Meck. to Bennett Goode of Meck, Abt 266A in Meck purch. from Richard Swepson 12/22/1770

DB5, P 255, April 10, 1778-John Hubbard of Meck to James Hall of Meck, Abt 35A in Meck-Wts: Richard Swepson, Wm. Nash, Richd. Winn

DB5, P 306-Aug 10, 1778-James Speed of Charlotte Co, to John Miles of Meck, abt. 200 A in Meck-Wts: Richard Swepson, Jr., John Camp, Edwd. Walton, Swepson Jeffries

DB 5, P 352 Oct. 17, 1778-Elizabeth Wagstaff of York Co, to Wm. G. Baptist of York Co, Abt 425 AC in Meck, Wts: Richard Swepson, Benjn. Farrell, Achilles Jeffries, Benjamin Whitehead

Nov 8, 1778 DB 5, P 355-Bond of William Davis for Sheriff of Meck. Co-Security: Richard Swepson, Edward Pennington

DB5, P 380, Feb. 8, 1779 Lewis Toone & wife Elizabeth of Meck to Thomas Pritchett of Meck, Abt 100 AC in Meck adj. Tignal Jones, Jr., Fred Macklin, &  Richard Swepson, SR.

DB5, P 408. April 10, 1779-Samuel Goode of Meck. to Wm. Davis of Meck, Abt 23 A in Meck-Wts: Wm. Luicas, Richard Swepson, Jr,. James Anderson

DB5, P 436 May, 1779-Joseph Decker & wife Anne of Meck to John Colthrop of Meck-land adj. Richard Swepson Rec'd May 10, 1779

June 11, 1779 Richard Swepson & James Hester- Securities on Adm. Bond of Thomas Rudd, exr. of Est. of Thomas Rudd.

DB6, P 29, April, 1780 John Potter & wife, Mary of Meck to William Randolph of Chesterfield Co, Abt 981 AC  Wts: Richard Swepson, Richard Swepson, Jr., Asa Oliver, John Vandyck Rec: Apr. 10, 1780

DB6, P 152 Aug 17, 1781 George Minor of Meck to Allen Young of Meck, abt 360 A in Meck-Wts: Richard Swepson, Jr., Edward Finch, Wm. Pointer, James Hughes

Dec 25, 1782-DB6, P 266 William Hatsell of Co of __ in NC, to Alexr. Boyd of Meck Co, deed of trust, Wts: Richard Swepson, Richard Swepson, Jr, Allen Young, Daniel Hutt, Recd: May 12, 1783

Mar. 13, 1786-Meck DB 7-P1, -Richard Swepson, Jr to Jacob Hubrie (Deed), 

Mar. 12, 1783-Division of Personal Estate of Samuel Bugg-, Dec'd. by John Speed, Bennett Goode, Howell Taylor, & Richard Swepson, commissioners, Rec'd, Feb. 14, 1785

Aug 22, 1783-Richard Swepson, Sec. on MB of George Farrar/Elizabeth Boyd 

Jan 25, 1785-DB6, P 445, Henry Moody & wife, Elizabeth & John Marshall of Meck. Co, to Alenxander Boyd of Meck Co, Abt 638 AC on Butcher's Cr in Meck Co, Wts: Henry Carlton, Richard Swepson, Jr, Richard Easter, & Laughlin Fannin  Elizabeth Moody relinq. dower rights in court

Jan 31, 1785 DB6, P 444 Deed from Alexander Boyd of Meck to Edward Dodson of Meck for 300E, about 280 AC in Meck, and b/b the S/S of the Little fork, of Allen's Crk, in Solomon Draper's line and Spring Br., the N/S of sd. Creek in Isham Tucker's line, fence to Robert Burton, Thomas Green.  Sig: Alexander Boyd, Wts: Richard Swepson, Jr, William Boyd. Rec'd Feb. 14, 1785. At Meck. Court of august 9, 1785 -Anne Boyd, wife of Alexander Boyd, came into Court, and first being privately examined, voluntarily relinq. her right of dower to the lands conveyed

DB6, P 447 Feb. 14, 1785 I, Alexander Boyd of Meck. Co, for divers good causes and to sell certain lands, tenements, and hereditaments, and for 1 E money of Great Britain, have appointed my Mother, Elizabeth Boyd, otherwise called Elizabeth Anderson, and my sister Mary Wood, otherwise called Mary Boyd, both of the town of Irvine, in the Kingdom of Scotland, together with my friend, James King, Sr, Merchant in Port Glasgow, in Scotland, to be my lawful Attorneys-in-fact, to sell my right and property in the 2 Maclins of Old Hall, the same lying within the Parish of Dunlop, and Sheriffdom of Ayr, & conveyed by the deceased Francis Dunlop of Dunlop to the also deceased Robert Boyd, my father; excepting that part of the said 2 Maclins conveyed off by my father unto Andrew Barr, "portioner" of Old Hall, and also all my share or half of the the ten shillings lands of the Little Auchenmead, otherwise called Outermuir.  Signed: Feb. 14, 1785 Alexander Boyd, Wts: T. Vaughn, John Marshall, Edward Dodson. Rec'd 2/14/1785

DB6, P 460 March 14, 1785 Deed from Alexander Boyd of Meck. to Samuel Young of Meck. Co for 300 E, about 300 AC in Meck. upon Allen's Creek and b/b said Young's line, upon the Rocky Br, Richins  (Richard?) Brame, the land that belonged to Bottoms,. Sig: Alexander Boyd, Wts: None, Rec'd Mar. 14, 1785  Ann Boyd, wife of the said Alexr. Boyd, came into court and being first privately examined, voluntarily relinq'd her right of dower to the lands conveyed.

Nov. 19, 1786-Richard Swepson, Sec. on MB of William Nicolson of Henrico Co /Martha Hardy, Widow 

May 15, 1787 - DB 7 -P152 Richard Swepson, Jr  ETAL to Commonwealth of Virginia-Bond

Sept 10, 1787 DB 7, P 190 Samuel Young to Richard Swepson, etal -Bond 

April 9, 1789-DB 2, P 119- Henry Patillo mort. to Alexander Boyd of Meck. Co., Va, in order to secure note due in 1776, and no pt. of it being paid, delivered to sd. Alexander Boyd a Negro girl. Wits: John Campbell, Richard (Swepson?)

May 20, 1789-John Burton will- named wife, Mary Burton, Children, , Hutchings Burton, Janey minge Burton, Mary Ann Burton, Tabitha Burton, refers to land in Meck Co & on western waters (Ky) Exrs-wife Mary, brother Robert Burton, John Baskerville & Richard Swepson-Wts: Nelson Cole, Lodowick Brodie, Robert Boyd, Alexander Boyd, Jr. Rec'd-9/14/1789

June, 1789-Book 1, P 343 -Appraisal of Est of John Daniel, by Selah Daniels, the Adm., Peter Bennett, Gideon Crenshaw, Samuel Crofton;  mentions 200 pds. owing to estate by RICHARD SWEPSTON of Virginia.

July 13, 1789 DB 7, P 447 Richard Jones to Richard Swepson Trust, ETAL Deed of trust 

Nov. 14, 1789 Richard Swepson one of several persons who signed Petition to spare Criminal George's life, he having been sentenced to be hanged. Ref-Calendar  of Virginia State Papers, Vol 5, P 62

May 1, 1790-Lunenburg . Co, Va DB 16, P 34,  Between Thomas  Jones of Lun.. Co, of the first part, Richard Swepson, Thomas Mutter, and Robert Turnbull, of the second part, and Alexander Boyd  of the third part, for 61E, 10 shillings, and 3 pence, which Jones owes Boyd, and for 5 shillings to Swepson, Mutter & Turnbull, in hand paid by Boyd, Jones has granted Swepson, Mutter & Turnbull, 7 Negroes, names Viz: Frank, John, James, Isam, Sarah, Betty, and Hunt; 26 cattle, 2 sorrel mares, 1 sorrel colt, 1 black colt, and household and kitchen furniture. This deed is upon trust that Swepston, Mutter, & Turnbull shall, after next April 1, for the best price in ready money, sell the Negroes, cattle, & furniture, to obtain the above sum and related expenses, with the overplus of the sale being paid to  Jones. Sig: Thomas Jones, Wts: William Boyd, Robert Boyd, Richard Boyd. Rec'd Aug, 12, 1790.

Sept 6, 1790 -Meck. Co, Va-DB7, P 627  Richard Swepson, Alexr. Boyd, William Boyd, Robert Boyd  & Richard Boyd, the Clerk of Meck. Co, wit deed of James Cheatham of Bourbon Co, Ky, to Andrew Gregory of Meck Co, Va.- Elizabeth Cheatham, w/o James relinq. dower  (retained life interest in this land, where James Cheatham formerly lived, on Bluestone crk, adj. Finch, Brame, Hall & Speed) Rec-9/13/1790

Sept. 27, 1790-Granville Co., NC records-DB 2, P 218-219,  JOHN SWEPSTON & RICHARD SWEPSTON TO Thomas Mutter, for 65 Pds.. 3 SLAVES, Wits: Robert Boyd, Robert Hester, & John Brown

Feb 14, 1791 DB  7, P 686 Richard Clausel to Richard Swepson Trust ETAL Deed of Trust

Feb 14, 1791 DB 8, P 9 Edward R. Yates to Richard Swepson Trust ETAL -deed of Trust

Feb 14 1791 DB 8, P 55 Theo B. Ruffin to Richard Swepson, Trust ETAL Deed of Trust

Feb. 15, 1792 Inventory of Est of Joshua Draper, Dec'd, by John Oliver, James Brown, Richard Swepson ,  (JR) Rec'd-April 9, 1792

Dec 10, 1792 DB 8, P 244 Clausel Clausel to Richard Swepson Trust,  ETAL-Deed of Trust

Will of Jane Swepson Young:- Meck Co, Va-Bk 3, P 115)- Dated April 27, 1792
Proved July 9, 1792

In the name of God, Amen, I Jane Young, of Meck. Co., Virginia, being low in health, but of sound memory, do make this my last Will and Testament, in manner following: 
My Will and desire is that all my just debts and funeral expenses should be paid out of my last year and the ensuing years crops of tobacco, corn, and wheat.

I give to Mary Winkler a sorrel mare After the crop upon the plantation is finished. I give unto James Boyd a black mare after the crop upon the plantation is finished.  I give unto Lennard Sims my old riding mare.  I give to Alexander Boyd the cart belonging to the plantation and all my stock of hogs.  I give to my sister Lucy Swepson a bay mare colt named Rattle.  I give to my sister Charity Swepson a bay(Illeg) named Rassel.  I give to Lennard Sims and Alexander Boyd all my stock of cattle to be equally divided between them. I give to my brother William Mallory Swepson a negro boy named Zekial., when he comes of age or marries, but in case he dies before that period my Will is that he should go to my sisters Lucy and Charity Swepson.  I give to my sister Lucy and Charity Swepson one negro woman Egg, her two children and all her increase, all my other estate both real and personal, likewise the whole of my proportion of my Father's Estate, left me by Will to be equally divided between them when my sister Lucy comes of age or marries but in case either of them should die before that period the whole to go to the survivor and in case of the death of both to go to my brother William Mallory Swepson, and in case of the death of him before he comes of age or marries the whole property before mentioned to go unto the Swepson Family.  My Will and desire is that there be no appraisement made of my estate.

I constitute and appoint Lennard Sims of Warren County, No. Carolina & John Davis, Junr. of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Executors of this my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of April, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-Two.

Signed: Jane (XHer Mark) Young    (SS)

Richard Swepson
Martha Coleman

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the 9th day of July, 1792.  This Will was proved by the Oaths of Richard Swepson and Martha Coleman, Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Test: John Brown, Cl. Crt

Dec. 3, 1792 Inventory of Est of JANE YOUNG, Dec'd, returned to court by Leonard Sims, & John Davis, Junior. Rec'd-Feb. 11, 1793 (Bk 3, P 148)

March 20, 1793 :-Vol. 6, P 310- A list of Justices for the County of Mecklenburg:  Among the names are Alexander Boyd;  Richard Swepson, (not qualified). 

May 13, 1793-Meck DB 8, P 313  William Call of Prince George Co to John Marshall late of Meck Co but now of Granville Co, NC for F 1109,  583 AC being pt of 1,792 AC sold to Marshall & Moody. Wts: Thomas  Fitzpatrick, William Call, Jr., James Oliver, Archibald Swepson,*(Davis?) E B. Holloway, Peyton Skipwith, Joseph Butler, John Puryear, Jr. -* unidentified by me-sgs

Nov 11, 1793-DB 8, P 359 Nov 11, 1793 Richard Swepston, ETAL  to Commonwealth of Va.-bond

 Nov. 11, 1793  DB 8, P 360-Richard Swepson, ETAL  to Meck. Co.-Bond 

Sept 8,1794 DB 8, P 447, John Clay to Alexander Boyd, 626 1/2 AC in Charlotte & Meck. Co. Wts: Richard Swepson, Richard Boyd, James Boyd

Feb 8, 1796 DB 9, P 36, William Ballard to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal Deed of Trust

April 12, 1796 DB 8, P 74 Lewis Parham to Richard Swepson Trust, etal Deed of Trust

June 13, 1796 DB 9, P 95 Thomas Jeffries to Richard Swepson, Deed
This Indenture, made this third day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-six between Thomas Jeffries , Mecklenburg Co, Virginia, of the one part and Richard Swepson of the same County of the other part, Witnesseth that the said Thomas Jeffries in and for the consideration of the sum of five hundred and sixty pounds, fourteen shillings, current money of Virginia, to being in hand by the said Richard Swepson in receipt whereof the said Thomas Jeffries doth hereby acknowledge and therefore doth clearly exonerate and discharge the said Richard Swepson his heirs and assigns forever, hath given, granted, bargained, sold and confirmed, and by these proceeds grant, bargain, sell, and confirm unto the said Richard Swepson, his heirs and assigns forever; one certain tract or parcel of land being and lying in the County of Mecklenburg, containing by estimation six hundred and twenty five (625) acres, be the same, more or less.  It being all the lands left to me by my father, John Jeffries ,and joining the lands of Henry Speed, Robert Boyd, and Major John Nelson; TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the aforesaid granted, bargained, and sold land and premises with every of its rights and appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said Richard Swepson, his heirs and assigns forever, and the said Thomas Jeffries doth agree for himself his heirs Exors. and Adms. to  warrant and forever defend the aforesaid land and premises with all its rights and appurtenances unto Richard Swepson, his heirs and assigns forever. against Thomas Jeffries, his heirs and assigns the claim or claims of any other person or persons whatsoever.  In witness whereof the said Thomas Jeffries hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year above written. 

Signed: Thomas Jeffries (Seal)

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of :
Richard Boyd
Alexander Boyd, Jr.
James Boyd
David Boyd
Edward Dodson

Memorandum:  That on the day and year first within mentioned, Quiet & peaceable  possession with delivery and seizers was given and made by Thomas Jeffries to Richard Swepson according to the true terms and effect of the within written deed in presence of the witnesses thereunto subscribed:

Signed: Thomas Jeffries (Seal)

In presence of us:
Richard Boyd
Alexander Boyd, Jr.
James Boyd
David Boyd
Edward Dodson

At a court held for Mecklenburg county the 13th day of June, 1796

This Indenture and the memorandum enclosed were acknowledged by Thomas Jeffries, a party thereto, and ordered to be recorded. Test: William Baskerville, CC

Mar. 13, 1797 DB 9, P 217 Richard Swepson to Robert Boyd-Deed

This Indenture made this 11th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven between Richard Swepson of Mecklenburg county, Virginia, of the one part, and Robert Boyd of the same County, of the other part.

(Same 625 AC purchased of Thomas Jeffries on June 13, 1796)

Signed: Richard Swepson (Seal)

Wts: Lewis Roffe, Richard Boyd, James Boyd, David Boyd

October 9, 1797 DB 9, P 349, Leonard Cheatham  to Richard Swepson,-Deed

April 10, 1798 DB 9, P 423 Henry Sandefur to Richard Swepson, Power of Attorney

Sept 10, 1798 DB 9, P 482 Richard Swepson Trust , ETAL  to William Ballard-Release Deed

June 10, 1799-Appraisal of  Est of Alexander Saylor, by Richard Swepson, Richard Boyd, and Alexander Boyd, Jr, Rec'd. June 10, 1799

Nov 22, 1799-Richard Swepson &  Alex. Boyd, Jr wit: MB of Richard Boyd/Panthea Burwell  Meck. Co, Va

1800 Mecklenburg Co. Tax list:
James Boyd-3 tithes
*David Swepson  (Boyd?)
William Swepson
Alexander Boyd-3 tithes
Richard Swepson
John Boyd
Alexander Boyd-2 tithes
Alexander Boyd (Jr)

Feb 10, 1800 DB 10, P 209 John Allgood to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal -Deed of Trust

Feb 10, 1800 DB 10, P 210 Joseph Hambleton to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal, Deed of Trust

April 14, 1800 DB 10, P 232 James Jones to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal Deed of Trust

July 14, 1800 DB 10, P 298 William Knight to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal, Deed of Trust

October 13, 1800 DB 10, P 399 Jeremiah Claunch to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal  Deed of Trust

October 13, 1800 DB 10, P 400 Thomas Cox to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal Deed of Trust

Dec. 8, 1800  DB 10, P 423 Richard Swepson to Godfrey Crowder -deed

July 13, 1801 DB 10, P 564 Richard Swepson Trust, ETAL to Joseph Hamilton-Release deed

Jan 11, 1802 DB 11, P 83 John Nelson to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal-deed of Trust

Jan  11, 1802,-Richard Swepson  Jr Sec. on MB of Robert Hester/Susannah Garner  Meck Co. Va

MECK. Co, Va-Deed dated 7/21/1802 -William Boyd, Robert Boyd, Richard Boyd, Alexander Boyd & James Boyd, sons of Alexander Boyd, Dec'd, to David Boyd, also s/o Alexander Boyd, dec'd. , land in Meck., Va., wit.  Richard Swepson, &  prov. in Crt by Oath of Richard Swepson.

Sept 13, 1802 DB 11, P 203 Richard Swepson to George Minor-Release Deed

Feb 10, 1806 DB 12, P 413 Joseph Towns to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal, Deed of Trust

Sept. 8, 1806 DB 13, P 38 Thomas Spain to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal Deed of Trust

Oct 12, 1807 DB 13, P 339 Bartlett Cox to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal Deed of Trust

April 11, 1808 DB 13, P 458  James Cox to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal Deed of Trust

April 11, 1808 DB 13, P 473 Archer Cox , etal to Richard Swepson Trust, Etal Deed of Trust

Dec. 12, 1808 DB 13, P 602 Richard Swepson, Trust Etal  to John Hutcheson-Release deed

Mar 15, 1809 DB 14, P 39 Richard Swepson,  Trust, Etal to Joseph Townes -Release deed

Will of Richard Swepson, Jr.: (March 5, 1812-Meck. Co, Va)

In the name of God the Creator all merciful I, Richard Swepson of Mecklenburg ,being in perfect understanding and seriously reflecting that the time will come when I must go hence and be no (record?) seen do make and ordain this for my last will and testament in the handwriting of Alexander Boyd wishing everything here considered may be taken and
constrewed (sic) according to the common understanding of the words made use of and not leased to the application or misapplication of technical law terms

.First, if I should owe any debts at the time of my death, let them be paid up without delay no longer than my executors shall be convinced of the justice of them.

Secondly, my wish and desire is that the money due me from Alexander Boyd shall remain in his hands for the space of two years after my death

Thirdly, I give to my brother Thomas Swepson, one thousand pounds Virginia money

Fourthly, I give to my brother Wm M Swepson, my Negro man slave by the name of Shade, my black riding horse, saddle and bridle, and my chest drawers.

Fifthly, I give to my sister Ann Boyd my black work horse which is on the plantation.

Sixthly, all the rest of my estate I give to my three sisters, Ann Boyd, Elizabeth Clay, and Charity Swepson, to them and their heirs forever to be equally divided amongst them.

Lastly, I nominate Robert Boyd and Alexander Boyd Executors , in Witness whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of March, 1812

Signed: Richard Swepson (Seal)
In Presence of Walter C Langley Thomas Goode, Jr

MY NOTE-Richard Swepson, JR did not  mention his brother John Swepson in this will as John was deceased prior to August,  1805 Warren co., NC.   His sister Sarah Sims died in 1811 Warren Co, NC, sister Jane Young died 1793 Mecklenburg Co, Va., sister Lucy Speed apparently deceased, and sister Susannah Davis apparently deceased)

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the 17th day of August, 1812, this will was proved by the oaths of Walter C Langley and Thomas Goode, Junior and ordered to be recorded.

Robert Boyd, one of the executors therein named refused to take upon himself the burthen of the execution thereof, And on the motion of Alexander Boyd, the other Executor therein named who made Oath thereto and together with John W Lewis and Robert Boyd his securities,  entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of twenty thousand dollars, conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form. Teste William Baskerville, Seal

Pension file of Joel Smith, April 9, 1833, White Co, Tenn, In part:
" He was born in Mecklenburg Co, Va  Sept 4, 1760, and he entered the service to the best of his recollection  as a substitute but does not remember for whom.  The stranger paid him one hundred dollars to serve in his place. He served three months in a Company Commanded by Captain Richard Swepston of Mecklenburg Co, Va , which was part of the Regiment commanded by Col. Mumford. They marched to Portsmouth where they stayed the duration of the three months, their purpose being to keep two British ships of war lying in Hampton Roads from landing.  He received a written discharge at the end of the three months from his Captain, Richard Swepston."

Nov 28, 1818-Meck. Co, Va.-Will of Charity Swepson: In the Name of God, amen, I, Charity Swepson, of the Co. of Meck., Va., being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make and ordain this my last Will & Testament, Viz:  I leave to my brother, William M. Swepson, and his heirs forever, all which I may die possessed with in money, debts due me, or property, real and personal,. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 28th day of November, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. 
Signed: Charity Swepson, (Seal)
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of: 
R. Redd Alex. Boyd, Jr.
Proved in court 21st day March, 1825 by Oath of Alexander Boyd,  Jr. and on the 18th day July, 1825 was fully proven by Oath of Robert Redd. TEST: Edwd. L. Tabb, CC

Bute Co, NC Deeds-Aug 12, 1772 DB 3-P 520 Alexander Boyd, Attorney for John Alston, James Alston, James Martin, John Alston, Jr, & Anthony Gordon, Merchants in Glasgow, to William Tabb, of Bute Co, for 136 pds Va. money,-380 A. in Bute Co, adj. Jones, Person, Riggon & Macon, to Pinther's Island. Wts: None Ack. by Alexander Boyd, as Attorney for above merchants in Glasgow, Ben Mccullock, CC Reg: Nov 3, 1772 by James Johnson, P.R.

1798-Boyd, John to Josiah Daniel. "...one Negro woman named Bett ..." 

1815 Subscribers to Nicholson's Encyclopedia-Incl Alexander Boyd Meck Co, Va (Ref: Magazine of Virginia Genealogy)

1818-Bk Y, P 244-246-William Smith of Warren County, NC  to Alexander Boyd, of Meck. Co, VA - for $100,600-plantation in Warren & Granville on both sides of Nutbush Creek, a plantation formerly  belonging  to Hezekiah Strum in Granville county on Island Creek, another plantation in Granville on Grassy Creek, and..."ninety negro slaves..(named).

1823-DB 1, P 457-460 Boyd, Alexander of Mecklenburg Co. VA. to Henry Fitts of Warren Co, NC  land . "...also the following Negro slaves, (50- Named.)  &  future increase

Boyd Marriages, Mecklenburg & Lunenburg Co, Va:
BOYD, Alexander S. YOUNG, Sarah D. 25 Jan 1847 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Alexander HARRISON, Ann Lewis 24 Dec 1819 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Alexander BURWELL, Matilda 20 Oct 1803 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Alfred TOWNES, Elizabeth 24 Aug 1836 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Ann Lewis RAINEY, Phillip 03 Jun 1824 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Armistead G. HENDRICK, Ann V. 25 Apr 1848 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Christian B. LEWIS, William H. 29 Jun 1836 Mecklenburg
BOYD, David DURELL, Elizabeth Ott 10 Jul 1799 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Eliza F. CUNNINGHAM, Robert M. 22 Sep 1829 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Elizabeth FARRAR, George 22 Aug 1783 Mecklenburg 
BOYD, Elizabeth J. READ, Horace 12 Apr 1819 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Frances P. WILLIAMS, Fielding 31 Jan 1827 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Francis W. TOWNES, Isabella H. 02 Nov 1837 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Harriet R. DODSON, John S. 29 Jul 1844 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Jane A. READ, Charles Dr 18 Oct 1816 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Lucy SMITH, David G. 17 Oct 1831 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Lucy Nelson POTTS, John W. 03 Nov 1834 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Lucy S. JOHNSON, Thomas 15 Aug 1832 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Maria A. EASLEY, William B. 01 Oct 1827 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Martha B. JEFFRIES, Howell L. 08 Aug 1820 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Mary HAWKINS, Thomas P. 03 Nov 1834 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Mary A. BENNETT, John 30 Nov 1829 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Mary F. HAWKINS, Joseph 03 Apr 1811 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Matilda ROBERTS, E.F. 12 Dec 1849 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Nancy GOODE, Thomas Jr 01 Dec 1812 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Nancy HAWKINS, William 12 Dec 1803 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Richard BURWELL, Panthea 22 Nov 1799 Mecklenburg 
BOYD, Richard Jr GOODE, Lucy Ann 05 Dec 1821 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Robert WALKER, Tabitha 11 May 1803 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Robert JONES, Sarah A. 20 Apr 1789 Mecklenburg 
BOYD, Robert HENDRICK, Parthena 02 Jan 1826 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Sally K. JEFFRIES, Achillis S. 27 May 1831 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Virginia PRYOR, Richard 24 Dec 1821 Mecklenburg
BOYD, William H. DAVIS, Susan S. 01 Feb 1848 Mecklenburg
BOYD, William Jr CARTER, Lucy G.E. 13 Sep 1817 Mecklenburg
BOYD, Jane A. HAWKINS, John D. 02 May 1803 Lunenburg 

Thomas Carleton (1721—1786 Will dated May 26, 1783 Prov. Nov 12, 1786 Meck Co. Va Rec'd 9 July 1787
Thomas Carleton was born in King and Queen County on 30 October 1721.  He married Sarah Swepson on 31 March 1744. She was born 12 March 1726/7 in Gloucester County. Lunenburg & Mecklenburg County, Virginia were later home for Thomas and Sarah.
Some have speculated that Carleton’s wife was not Sarah Swepson but Sarah Sampson. Yet both Susannah and Gabriel named a child Swepson. Thomas and Sarah were the parents of seven children who grew to adulthood. Six children died in infancy.

Thomas Carlton was an overseer for Col. Lewis Burwell along with John Jeffries and Richard Swepson.
REF-Carleton Family Records

Children: Carleton 
1. Elizabeth  born in St. James Parish, Lunenburg County, on 3 November 1745
(M) Richard Russell in Mecklenburg County 7 July (bond) 1761. 
(M) #2 Moses Overton.
2. Susannah born in 1749 and died in infancy, 16 August 1749.
3. Anne born 19 November 1750 and died 10 September 1755
4. Thomas  Jr., born 15 February 1752. Meck. Co, Va
(M) #1 Elizabeth Hyde on 28 October 1773.She died Jan 19, 1775
(M) #2 Elizabeth Finch 17 March 1775
5. William born 1 June 1753 and died 27 April 1757
6. Robert born 23 May 1755 and died in infancy, 3 October 1755
7. Henry  born 22 February 1759 died 9 October 1814 Ga.
(M) Nancy Clark 1788
8. Richard born 19 December 1762 and died in infancy.
9. Gabriel Carleton (1764 Mecklenburg Co, Va —1803 Oglethorpe Co, Ga)
born  27 July 1764 in Mecklenburg County, Va  
(M) Elizabeth Edwards (5 Oct. 1767 - 24 Dec. 1839) in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, on 14 January 1788 
10. John born 5 January 1766 and died 3 September 1767.
11. Rebecca  born 27 October 1767 Died Athens, GA
(M)  William Puryear in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, on 22 September 1785
(M) #2 Maj. Charles Dougherty in Ga.
12. Sarah  born 7 March 1757 in Mecklenburg County
(M) John Hyde who died in Mecklenburg County in 1791 (Will)
13. Susannah  
(M) Bartley Cox n Mecklenburg County, Virginia, on 12 November1781. Bartley died 27 October 1792 
(M) #2 Capt. John Billups of Mecklenburg County. They had three children before she died 10 January 1817.
Sev. members of this family moved to Georgia soon after the Rev War.  The 1789 Tax List for Greene Co., Ga. lists Thomas & William Carlton.
Sarah, wife of Thomas Carleton was most likely a sister to Richard Swepson-sgs

Mss1B2924c, Baskervill Family Papers, 1785-1912,
Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Section 14 consists of four items, a deed (imperfect), 1798, of John Langley (as executor of the estate of Thomas Langley) to Alexander Boyd for land in Mecklenburg County, Virginia (witnessed by William Baskervill, John Holmes, and John James Speed and recorded by William Baskervill); 
and deeds, 1802-1807, to David Boyd (for land in Mecklenburg County, Virginia) from Alexander Boyd (concerning Langleys), James Boyd (witnessed by Joseph B. Clausel, A[nderson] Malone, and Richard Swepson and recorded by William Baskervill), Richard Boyd, Robert Boyd, William Boyd, John Bugg (copy made by William B. Easley), Rebecca (Mitchell) Bugg, Charles Mitchell, Jacob Mitchell (witnessed by Thomas Greenwood, William Mitchell, and Z. Sims; bears affidavits of Thomas Carleton and Benjamin Skrine and seal of the Superior Court of Green County, Georgia; and recorded by Edward Lowry Tabb and Mrs. Mary Mitchell).

Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Court Order Book 12 [1803-1805] Page 19

Howel Rose and Mary, his wife, administrator and Plaintiff
administratrix of William Willis, deceased
Thomas Huett Defendant
In case, discontinued by the plaintiff's attorney.
Page 22
Chancery Court
Richard Willis, William Hopewoode and Nancy his wife, Sherwood Willis, Thomas Daniel and Elizabeth his wife, John Willis, Sterling Willis, Edward Willis, 
Drury Willis, Plaintiff Thomas Willis, Anna Willis, John Algood and Sarah his 
wife,heirs of William Willis deceased, Pltffs, In Chancery
Howel Rose and Mary his wife, administrator of William Willis, deceased, Defendant
By consent of the parties commissioners are worded that for thirty days to
examine or take the depositions of the witnesses in this cause giving each
other legal notice of the times and plans of executing the same. And it is
ordered that the said cause retain as place on the docket.

Page 150-Richard Swepson having bound himself in the court for Mary Willis who has since intermarried with Howel Rose her due and faithfully her duty as administratrix of William Willis, deceased. Apprehending himself to be in danger of suffering damages by reason of his being security aforesaid. On the motion of the said Richard Swepson that the said Howel Rose and Mary his wife be summoned to appear here on the 2nd Monday in June next and give the said Richard Swepson security to indemnify himself ---- any damages that may happen to him by reason of his being security as aforesaid


1. SWEPSON, THOMAS Richmond City 1787 Tax List
2. SWEPSTON, THOMAS Hanover, (Tax List 'B') 1787 "under age" [not tithable] 
3. SWEPSTON, JOHN Hanover, (Tax List 'B') 1787 with Thomas Swepston, may also be underage 
4. SWEPSTON, JOHN Chesterfield Pers. Property 1788 
5. SWEPSTON, THOMAS Hanover, 1788-91 
6. THOMAS SWAPSON Hanover, 1792-94
7. JOHN SWEAPSTON,* 1800 Pittsylvania Co, Va PP TL B P 26 1 Poll
8. JOHN SWEAPSTON, 1800 Pittsylvania Co, PP TL B P 26, 1 Poll

John Swepston (M) Dolly Ashford, 1790, Pittsylvania Co, Va (See hius Rev. War Pension Application)
Thomas Swepston (M) Elizabeth Atkinson, Pittsylvania Co, Va Oct. 29, 1807
John Swepston M) Winney Bruce 2/4/1813 Pittsyl. Co Va

American Militia In the Frontier Wars, 1790-1794, Virginia Militia P 187-Pittsylvania County, Virginia, General Carrington's Brigade, Lieutenant Robert Walter's Company-Pay Roll of Lieutenant Walter's Company of Militia of General Carrington's Brigade, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, from Sept 25, to Nov 21, 1795, 58 days

Incl-#4 Corporal Jno Swepster (Swepston)

1820 Pittsylvania Co, Va P 69
John Swepston 2 0 0 0 1 0-2 0 1 0 0 
1 M 26-45, 2 M Und 10; 1 F 16-26, 2 Fe Und 10

P 76-Thomas Swepston 0 0 0 0 0 1-1 0 0 0 1  
1 M over 45, 1 Fe Und 5,  1 Fe over 45
Would have to be born PRIOR to 1775-too old to be s/o John & Dolly Ashford-may be a brother to John

P 77 John Swepston, 0 2 1 1 0 1-0 2 (?) 0 1 
1 M over  45, 1 M 16-26, 1 M 16-18, 2 M 10-16
1 F over 45, 2 F 10-16

JOHN SWEPSTON (M) Dolly Ashford
AGE 73 (Died 1853 Franklin Co., Va- Ref-Rev. War Pension Appl)

May 13, 1793-Meck DB 8, P 313 William Call of Prince George Co to John Marshall late of Meck Co but now of Granville Co, NC for F 1109, 583 AC being pt of 1,792 AC sold to Marshall & Moody. Wts: Thomas Fitzpatrick,
William Call, Jr., James Oliver, Archibald Swepson, E B. Holloway, Peyton Skipwith, Joseph Butler, John Puryear, Jr.

War of 1812 Service Records:
Edmond Swepson, 4 Regt. Va. Militia, Roll Box 203, Roll Extraction # 603

PAY ROLL of Capt. Tunstall Shelton's Company, of the 2nd Corps D'Ellite, in the service of the United States, commanded by Col. Moses Green, at Camp Charles City Courthouse, from the 3rd September to the 28th December, 1814
Includes Privates:
Edmund Swepston
John Swepston

Seveston, David State: NC County: Carteret Co. 
Census/Enumeration year: 1779 Tax List

Will of John Roach of Charlotte Co., VA 
Will written 9 May 1811 & probated 5 Feb 1816
Charlotte Co., VA Will Book 4, page 53.
Named Sons: James, John, Price, Isaac, Gabriel Roach, 
Dtrs: Susannah Haden, Milly Harmon, Elisha Roach, Elizabeth Swepston, Molly King, Katherine Elam, Nancy M Johnston, 
Gr/children: Joshua Roach, s/o Joshua
Also mentioned: John Harmon, Liza Roach, Wid of Joshua
Exr son John Roach
Wit: Richard Dabbs, John Morton, Samuel Hannah

1830 Woodford Co, Ky P 310 
Thomas Swepster (Swepston?) 1 M 20-30, 1 Fe 20-30
Thomas Sweston (M) Mary Durham 9/2/1819 Knox Co, Ky (Ky Marriages)
Thomas Swepston (M) Maria Sheets Nov 1, 1829 Frankfort, Ky (LDS Rec, WFT)

1830 Whitley Co, Ky P 274
William M. Swesson (Swepson?) 1 M 20-30, 1 M 5-10, 1 Fe 20-30, 1 Fe 5-10, 1 Fe Und

1850 Monroe Co, Miss Eastern Div P 378  HH 11-12
Evelina Eillis 53 F NC $13,000 farmer
Daniel " 20 M Miss farmer
Ada " 12 F Miss
Mary McQuire 26 F Ala
Ada " 3 F Miss
A. SWEPSON *23 M Va School Teacher
Middleton Wise 23 M Ga Overseer

Swepton, Andrew J.*
Spouse: Caroline L. W. Franks 
Marriage Date: Jul 29, 1852 
Location: Monroe, Mississippi 

1860 Monroe Co, Miss (Aberdeen) P 389
John D Gay 42 M SC Farmer $32,000/36,000
L. C. " 25 F Ala (Louisa Caroline. W. Franks, Swepson, Wid of Andrew J.)
& Sev. Gay children
A. E. Swepston 7 F Miss Born Ca 1853
E. A. Swepston 5 F Miss Born Ca 1855

John D Gay lives next door in 1860 census

1870 Monroe Co, Miss P P 67a T/S 15, Smithville PO HH 53-53
John D Gay 51 WM Tenn Farmer $5,000/2,000
Laura C. " 38 WF Miss
J B " 17 WM Miss 
Mary " 14 WF Miss
Eddie " 10 WM Miss
John " 6 WM Miss
Thomas " 5 WM Miss
Ella Swepston 17 WF Miss
Anna Swepston 15 WF Miss

Sweptsey, Ann??
Spouse: Ed Milton 
Marriage Date: Aug 19, 1895 
Location: Sharkey, Mississippi

Swepston, Wm A.
Spouse: Martha L. Tune 
Marriage Date: Dec 23, 1883 
Location: Crawford, Arkansas